Are Free POS Systems Worth your Time?


If you have more than five employees and have more inventory than you can count, you need a POS system for your business. Cash registers just won’t cut it anymore in today’s small business atmosphere of speed, efficiency and customer service. But just like everything else, getting a POS system installed in your store costs … … Continue reading

Big Savings in a Small Package: The case for subcompact cars

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you have a plethora of choices these days. For cars, you have full sedans (Toyota Avalon), mid-size (Honda Accord), compact (Ford Focus) and subcompact (Mazda 2). For SUV’s you also have pretty much the same categories, from the biggest (Chevy Suburban) to one of the smallest … … Continue reading

Planning your holidays. How to travel Green, cheap and have the best fun ever!

Eco-Travel in Egypt’s Red Sea and Sahara Desert Regions As one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations Egypt does have its fair share of high rise hotels and luxury resorts but it’s also a country that has embraced eco-tourism. Going green in locations such as the South Sinai and the far corners of the Sahara Desert, … … Continue reading