Can You Live Without the Internet at Home?

Minimalism is a way of life.  Minimalists like to limit their possessions, which frees them to spend more time on the things that are truly important to them.  After all, if you’re not busy earning more money to buy stuff, and you don’t have to clean and organize that stuff, you have a lot more … … Continue reading

Perks and Pleasures of Homemade Baby Food

#152891501 / The advantages of homemade baby food are numerous, nearly endless. Making homemade baby food is beyond easy, it really doesn’t take much time and baby will choose it over that jar of flavorless mush any day, and that doesn’t even begin to hit on the nutritional benefits of home preparation. Some major benefits … … Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Travel with Your Family More Affordable

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My husband and I love to travel, but in the early years of our marriage, we couldn’t travel as much as we would have liked to because we thought it was too expensive to travel.  There was the gas, the hotel, and the restaurants to pay for. We thought eating in restaurants was a main attraction … … Continue reading