Audi Invents Carbon-Neutral Diesel Fuel, Calls it “Fuel of the Future”

For years, Audi engineers have been looking for a fuel that has zero negative impact on the environment and can also be integrated into existing Audi engines, and transmission and exhaust parts. Even independent inventors and companies alike have launched countless efforts to develop such a game-changing fuel using components like vegetable oil, algae, and … … Continue reading

Alternative and Sustainable Energy Sources: Biodiesel and Biomass Fuels

 What is Biomass? Biomass is the term given to the process of producing fuel by burning biological matter. Even though carbon dioxide, nitrogen and sulphur compounds are produced when using biomass fuels, these substances are not released in sufficient concentrations to affect the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. This makes biomass power an environmentally-friendly, green … … Continue reading

Alternative and Sustainable Energy Sources: Solar Power

Sustainable power sources need to be able to produce power without depleting the earth’s natural resources. The source of the power needs to be readily available, renewable and must not compromise the ability of future generations to generate their own power. Solar power uses the heat of the sun to produce energy in a sustainable, … … Continue reading

Alternative and Sustainable Energy Sources: Hydro Power

The History of Hydro Power Man has used the power generated by falling water for centuries. There is archaeological evidence of water power being used in ancient Egypt, Rome, India, China and the Middle East. Water wheels, powered by a running stream, were used to turn the equipment used to grind grain. The first time hydroelectricity was used … … Continue reading

Alternative and Sustainable Energy Sources: Wind Power

Energy is as essential to human existence as water, air and food but the challenge for mankind in the 21st century, is to find energy sources that are eco-friendly and don’t continue to deplete the earth’s non-renewable resources. The pace of research into alternative and sustainable energy sources has increased considerably over the past ten … … Continue reading