4 reasons to choose electric driving

If you are a frequent driver, then changing a fossil fuel car for an electric one can have huge benefits. Aside from no longer having to buy petrol (a great bonus considering the skyrocketing fuel prices), an electric car emits an average of 60% less CO2 than a petrol-powered car with an exhaust. This makes electric driving a durable, sustainable choice! And if you also own your own solar panels, then things get really interesting. With your own personal charging station, you can charge your car’s batteries using your own solar panels. Win-win! Want to find out more? Read on!

Electric driving is better for the environment

Electric driving is better for the environment. Electrically powered vehicles emit less CO2 and do not require fossil fuel to charge. In addition, electrical cars cause less noise pollution.

Electric driving is cheaper

In addition, charging an electric car is much cheaper than refuelling at a petrol pump: the cost of using a public access charging station to charge an electrically powered car comes to around 6 Euros – depending on the type of charging station selected.

Electric cars are great to drive

Another advantage of electric cars is that manual gearchanges are a thing of the past. Electric cars accelerate much more quickly than fossil fuel powered cars. Additionally, electric car drives find the car’s quiet nature to be more restful and relaxed.

Got your own solar panels? Go for it!

More and more people own, or are considering installing, solar panels. Although there is an initial investment, solar panels will typically earn back the money you spend within 7 years. Or even more quickly than that, considering the current electrical prices. In addition, having your own solar panels makes switching to an electric car an even simpler choice. Why?

If you own a drive or site where you can park your own car, you can choose to buy a private charging point. Charging your car at home is cheaper than at a public charging station – even more so when using your own solar panels – in which case charging your car is (almost) free!

Want to find out more? Check out the Alfen EV charging points. These points use dynamic load balancing, which means the charging point determines its own charging power. The charging point ensures that all equipment continues to function while charging the car with the maximum available power. The charging point takes into account the maximum charging capacity, the mains fuse, and other electrical devices on the same group. This ensures that you can safely continue to use other electrical devices while charging your car.

And here is something else to consider: solar panels combined with a home battery. In some circumstances, your solar panels will generate more power than you are currently using at home. A battery lets you store the electrical power generated and using it at another time, for example when charging your electrically powered car at night.

Note that investing in solar panels or an electrical car is no simple one-click purchase. Make sure you consult a professional like ESTG. They can offer the best possible advice for your personal situation, and offer the right ratio of price to quality.


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  2. Having recently switched to an electric car myself, I’ve experienced the positive impact it has on the environment firsthand. Not only do I feel good about reducing my carbon footprint, but the quiet and smooth driving experience of an electric car has also brought a sense of relaxation to my daily commutes. And let’s not forget the added advantage of owning solar panels, which not only offset the charging costs but also allow me to store excess energy for nighttime charging. It’s truly a win-win situation that I highly recommend exploring with the help of professionals like ESTG.

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