Eco-Friendly Money Saving Tips

There are lots of different ways to save money, however it is not always easy to stay eco-friendly at the same time. Many people don’t realise there are small ways you can save money, but you will need to be consistent. Here are some of our top eco-friendly money saving tips you can follow… 


Take a pack lunch instead of buying lunch out all the time

Making sure you take your own lunch to work or if you are going out for the day will save you money and also plastic. It is far better for the environment to take a lunch box than buy sandwiches and other items in plastic packaging. If you are looking to save money on food but you are struggling to make ends meet, you can look into loans for bad credit direct lenders. We only recommend these loans if you can pay them back as soon as possible. 

If you do end up taking your own pack lunches, you will need to shop sensibly and plan your meals. When you go shopping, to stay extra eco-friendly, you should invest in a durable shopping bag or a few bags to carry your shopping. If you are always forgetting your eco-friendly bag, you can reuse an old supermarket bag as well, it’s a good idea to keep these inside a handbag or rucksack you know you are always carrying. 


Turning down the heating and remembering to turn lights off

To save some extra money you can turn down the heating in winter and put on a jumper instead. Having a thermostat in the house will remind you to do this and investing in jumpers made from wool will keep you cosy and extra warm. There are options for programmable thermostats that can time when your heating comes on, if you would like it, on in the morning when you wake up and off when you’re sleeping, this will save money. Your utility bills will look less daunting and you will be reducing pollution too. 

You can do the same with lights, when you are out, make sure all the lights are off inside the house. If you are someone that likes to put up Christmas lights, you can look for eco-friendly battery-powered lights to save on electricity or just don’t use so much.  


Don’t use a tumble dryer

Tumble dryers are very useful in the winter, but if you have heating and enough space, you should think about ditching the tumble dryer. You will use less energy if you hang out your clothes and you will also avoid ironing them. Ironing is already unpopular so you will probably be thankful if you can avoid this. Another tip is to also wait until you have a whole load of laundry to wash; this will be cheaper than running the washing machine for small loads. 


Fix your old gadgets and clothes instead of buying brand new ones

Instead of heading to the shops, fixing your clothes will save you money and help the environment in the long run as fast fashion is becoming a huge problem (or always has been). If you need something new, you can always buy from a charity shop instead of going to a huge high street chain. Some items can’t be fixed, for example, if you have a laptop that is broken, you can go to a repair shop instead of investing in a completely new one.  

Good luck with staying eco-friendly and saving money at the same time. There are lots of ways you can make this happen! Sometimes swapping to eco-friendly options is a gradual process and you will need to stay consistent to get results. 


Eco-Friendly Money Saving Tips — 3 Comments

  1. Love these. Can especially relate to packing a lunch and refurbishing clothes rather than buying new ones.

    Both of these habits have saved me a lot of money over the years and I appreciate that we can relate.

    Thanks for sharing!

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