How Governments Can Benefit from Work Order Software

Nobody has ever said that running a small government is easy, yet people are surprised about how much work goes into running one.  From keeping up with contractors to the vehicles they have to tend to, to employee schedules and the local laws and ordinances, running a government can be a lot of work.

Luckily, most towns and cities don’t have to do all of this work by hand anymore.  The right work order software can ease a lot of pressure and help the entire city government-run easier: here’s how.

Clear and Concise Scheduling

One of the largest issues some governments face with work orders is scheduling.  There’s usually a staff of two to three people who handle the schedules and more who take the calls that come in asking for information on when work orders are being completed.  The software cuts down a lot on that while also ensuring that everyone has the same information.

Precise scheduling ensures that no issues get overlooked while also taking the time to ensure that all employees are scheduled when they need to be.  Some wastewater maintenance software can even track which areas have the worst issues and help crews prepare for them.

Open Communication With Residents

Work order software can help keep residents informed on what’s expected and when.  Although a resident doesn’t need to know every inch of planning and scheduling when it comes to a work order, keeping them in the dark isn’t a good option.

Municipalities can, instead, send email updates automatically with work order software so that when they’re on the schedule, and their issue is getting resolved, residents will be informed.

Instant Updates In Case of Incidents

No workweek can go off without a hitch.  Either an employee will have to call out sick, a truck will get a flat tire, or something else will happen that will cause a lot of trouble for schedule.  Instead of panicking and trying to call everyone to figure out who’s available and which trucks are where, a work order software can correct the issue, reschedule it, and notify whatever residents it affects.  Although this doesn’t help you avoid these incidents from popping up, it does allow the case to go over smoothly.

Easy Tracking And Paper Trails

Making things easier for everyone should be the goal.  With this type of software, you can also track when and where employees show up and what time they spend at different locations.  If you’re concerned about employee turnover, then keeping them busy and ensuring they know that they’re working for a well-organized employer can help.  Many people quit because they don’t feel like their work is recognized or like their employers even realize what they do in a day.  Work order software can help with this and ensure that you know everything going on in a workday.

Although some employees may not prefer this type of update, as long as you talk them through every step of the change and let them know it’s better for everyone, most will comply.

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