Ten Ways to Prevent Accidents

Tragedies and accidents, unfortunately, have been a part of human life since it began. Injuries through accidents have been around ever since human beings have been clumsy. Even when they are not, freak events in our surroundings can hurt us at times and even take out lives in some cases. In Indian history, the Mughal emperor Humayun tripped and fell down a flight of stairs till his death. As a solid ruler, no one would have anticipated that their king will die by falling down the stairs. In battle, sure we can assume that that would have been likely, but never something like this. Due to this, in recent times, insurance companies have made things a lot easier for accident-prone people. Even for those who are not, insurance gives you financial compensation if you ever suddenly die or get seriously injured. You never know when disaster can strike; therefore, going in for something like this might not be the worst idea.

This article is going to be discussing some ways you can prevent accidents and how you can keep yourself away from danger. As no one wants to be caught in an unfortunate situation, we are going to be talking about ten ways in which to avoid accidents.
We talked about insurance companies earlier and how they could provide compensations in freak accidents. An insurance company or accident protector is not going to compensate you without knowing the facts, and they want to be sure that the event is indeed an accident.

Here is the list of ten ways to avoid accidents:

Be aware of your surroundings.

Know where you are at all times and what all is around you. If you are walking past a deserted road, know that there might be wild dogs nearby who could hurt you. If you are walking around near a park where people are playing baseball, be aware of the fact that stray balls are often all over the place.

Take peoples advice

If someone is advising you against going to a certain place because it’s dangerous, it’s probably a good idea to listen to them. Moreover, even if they say that they are uneasy in a particular place, listen to what they are saying.

Avoid dimly lit areas

You never know what is lurking in the shadows. Unfortunately, we do not live in the safest world. There is danger all around us. Whether we are talking about intentional danger or the kind you cannot avoid either way, it’s everywhere.
Absence of light can make it very difficult for you to gauge the security of an area. Be careful.

Avoid dangerous places

If you see a construction site, please do not walk through it as a short cut. It could end up costing you in the long run. Moreover, if you see any unsafe activity, do not go near it, thinking that nothing will happen to you. 9/10 times it might not but that one time is what could mess things up.

Avoid dangerous people

Our human instinct towards who is and is not a good person is usually pretty spot on. Hanging out with people who could be potentially harmful to you and your wellbeing could make things difficult for you and in turn cause harm to you.

Try and test the waters first

If you have to do something which may be considered risky, start small. If the event itself is level 100, start off small and work your way up so that you are ready to deal with it. Rushing into uncertain and new situations may get you stuck.

Know when to back out

If you feel that you are in a risky situation, bail. Get out, leave and do not look back. Even if it’s something mundane, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Just leave the situation and deal with the fallout later on when you are in a safer place and a better frame of mind.

Ask questions

When meeting new people and doing new things, it’s a good idea to ask questions so that everything is as clear as it can be. Asking questions will remove doubts in your head. If you are not fully aware of new activities which you are engaging in, you might mess something up and get hurt in some way or another.

Always stay in contact

No matter where you are going, CARRY YOUR PHONE. Having your phone handy means that you can call for help whenever you need to. Even if you are going to the laundry room of your apartment building, please carry your phone in case you get caught off guard and taken by surprise.

Trust your gut

Your gut instinct, when something is going wrong is the one you should be relying on the most. We somehow sense when something is not right. Much like Spider-Man, our spidey sense tells us when we are in danger and that its time to leave.


We hope this article has been helpful to you and that you try and keep yourself as safe as possible at all times. Understandably, you cannot protect yourself from everything, and there are things which are out of our control.
So do what you can and hope the best for the rest. There is only so much you can take care of and no more. Moreover, you cannot be worrying all the time, and you can have constant accident anxiety!




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  1. Agreed! Great blog post. Avoiding dangerous people is as important as avoiding dangerous places. Many don’t realize this. All the points are very important to note. I need to remind myself these things time and again. Often times I would fall in the trap only to end up in a troublesome situation. Thanks for the post.

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