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Bitcoin’s legal status varies greatly from country to country. In some countries, the use and trading of BTC is encouraged, while in others it is banned. There was considerable concern that Bitcoin would appeal to criminals. Some media have even claimed that bitcoin exists because it can be used to buy illegal goods. In fact, the black market of the infamous Internet Silk Road was nothing that the Bitcoin price at the time would have been closed plunge

Bitcoin is legally recognized in a large number of countries, but some governments still do not even have regulatory laws on the BTC, and some countries ban it entirely.

What’s more, most operators of all sizes don’t even know about Bitcoin. It won’t happen to throw away all other currencies and just use Bitcoin.

Problem with Lost Keys

The key is a password that combines the numbers and letters required to access Bitcoin Wallet . Lost keys have the same effect as losing a Wallet. However, while most Wallet services provide a backup and recovery mechanism, users have to set up first to use this mechanism.

High price volatility

Bitcoin price is notorious for its high price volatility. BTC has experienced a series of surges in prices several times throughout its history and then in a few days. Thus, its value is unpredictable and the price fluctuates rapidly, causing considerable financial damage to unwary investors.

Continuous development

The future of BitQT (BQ) is still opaque. At present, governments and banks do not control BTC. It is not actually regulated. But as Bitcoin becomes increasingly popular, governments around the world will want to introduce their own regulatory mechanisms. Regulated and controlled Bitcoin will be a completely different kind of currency.

Is Bitcoin a multistage approach?

Billionaire investor Howard Marks recently said digital currency is nothing more than a multistage approach. He explains that the reason why digital money is successful today is based on the willingness of people to value anything worthless.

People who invest in multi-stage techniques do not share the profits of those who actually do business when they make a profit, but rather profit from the money that other investors buy their assets. However, as far as Bitcoin is concerned, its value and price rise comes from the fact that the amount of coins that can be issued is limited. As more and more people buy Bitcoin, the supply will be scarce and the price of individual coins will be higher. Bitcoin is different from the general multi-step method in that respect.

Is Bitcoin a Bubble?

Robert Shiller, a Nobel Prize-winning economist, provides a checklist to help determine what is bubble. For example, if an asset’s price rises too much, the public is interested in it, talks about it in the media, and the story of millions of people who become millionaires in one night is a bubble. Bitcoin meets all of these conditions.

In a sense, Bitcoin is a bubble and the bubble has already burst. The price of BTC continued to drop for a year and a half after China’s cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox closed, which handled more than 70% of Bitcoin trade worldwide. It took a full three years for the price to recover. Of course, no one knows what’s going to happen or whether the price of Bitcoin will fall again. However, bitcoin prices have recovered and the price level is now at the highest level ever.

How Bitcoin differs from traditional currencies


All kinds of currencies around the world are related to government power in some way except crypto currencies. All transactions are made through banks and require a significant fee, and if you make a transfer, it takes a long time to reach the sender.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, has no one to control it. It is a decentralized network that works through the cooperation and communication of everyone involved. For that reason, even if part of the network is not working, transactions can still be made normally.

Forgery is impossible

Bitcoin is designed to be counterfeit. BTC’s trading validity is guaranteed through the various defense mechanisms inherent in block chain technology and its algorithms.

Most traditional currencies are extremely vulnerable to counterfeiting, and monetary authorities make little effort to prevent them. 

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