5 Best Part Time Business Opportunities To Try From Home


  • Are you looking to start a side hustle to earn better revenues and profits?
  • Do you know some business opportunities, which you can start from low capital investments?
  • Have you been trying to save for something big, or clear debts and mortgages?
  • Is there a way where you can earn on the side and not be forced to quit your regular job?

Most people do not realise that they just need to spend an extra few hours every day to start their own business. Whenever the terms ‘starting a business’ come up, we automatically think of-

  1. High capital investments
  2. At least 10-12 hours of daily work
  3. Leaving your job and starting fresh from the start
  4. Tension, stress and personal strife
  5. Employees, factory, office space problems

However, it is very easy to start your own business from your home. You would need minimal investments, a few hours of work a day and some handsome revenues.

Let us look the 5 best part time business opportunities to try from your home.

  1. Start Offering Social Media Services-

In 2020, not brand can look to ignore social media anymore. With more than five billions active users, every business needs to be on social media. You do not need to be highly skilled to offer social media services.

All you need to do is to be proficient in small design work and copywriting skills. You can easily charge less than the major agencies and work with small businesses in your region.

  1. Explore Blogging as a Part Time Vocation-

Every one of us is passionate about something or the other. It can be food, beauty, tech or anything else. Thankfully, there is a huge readership for every niche possible. You can start a small WordPress Blog and create informative content that people will like.

You can monetize your blog by many ways. From sponsored posts to link building revenue, a blog can become a healthy source of income.

  1. Become a Bitcoin Trader-

With so many credible Bitcoin Trading Platforms out there, you can take up trading in cryptocurrency easily. All you need to do is invest a small amount, and let the platform software guide you on the right trade options. Try the online trading website Bitcoin Evolution

You do not need to have prior experience of Bitcoins or technical knowledge to become a trader. All you need to do is invest a few hours every day to earn substantial revenues. However, it is important that you find out about the best platforms beforehand.

  1. Online Tuitions-

I am sure you have heard about online tutoring and mentoring brands who connect directly with students. If you have earned a degree or a qualification in any major discipline, you can sign up as a tutor on such platforms.

All you need to possess is a high-resolution camera, a computer and an internet connection. You can record one topic every day and upload the same to the brand.

  1. Amazon Drop Shipping-

This is a part time vocation, which requires some skills, organization and investment. You need to set up an ecommerce site and pick your categories. Start listing them and publicizing the same on your business’ social media pages.

However, drop shipping has a lot of potential if done in the right fashion. You can easily earn handsomely if your drop-shipping venture takes off.


You do not need to invest a lot or devote a lot of time to start with any one of the above listed opportunities. All you need to possess is intent. Most people start a side hustle to help them realise their dreams. Their normal jobs take care of most of the bill payments and things like that.

A side income opportunity helps you plan vacations, buy a car or invest in property. By taking up any of the above-mentioned opportunities, you will be able to realise your dream.

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