Green Initiatives by Agera Energy

Agera Energy is a top-rated natural gas and electricity company from New York and was recently recognized for its laudable efforts in making its headquarters a green office environment. The eco-friendly improvements made by this energy company are important in that they have the potential to encourage other major companies to do the same. This will have a massive impact on the overall carbon footprint of big companies in the energy sector.

Steps to Reduce Waste and Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint Like Agera Energy

The simple steps that this company took to make its offices more eco-friendly can be implemented by any business in any energy that has office space. Many companies are intimidated by the concept of becoming eco-friendly because they mistakenly believe that it requires a major overhaul of their operations and modifications to their office structure. The steps that Agera Energy took to become a Certified Westchester Green Business in 2016 have saved the company money in addition to improving its reputation as a green company.


Replace Old Bulbs with LED Lights

LED lights last much longer than traditional light bulbs and are just as bright, if not brighter. They produce less carbon dioxide. It is not expensive to replace office lights with LED lights. The next step to take is encouraging employees to turn off lights when a room is not in use throughout the day. Motion sensors can help with this initiative because they only allow lights to come on when a person is detected in an area of the office.


Stop Using Plastic Water Bottles

It is always better to recycle plastic water bottles than simply throwing them away, but it is even better not to use them in the first place. A reusable water bottle is the best way to go. Each employee was given one to use throughout the day at work instead of wasting individual plastic bottles that have to be recycled.


Install More Recycling Bins with Instructions

Agera Energy had at least one recycling bin placed in each room of its headquarters so that employees were surrounded with opportunities to recycle instead of just throwing something away. Employees received instructions about which items could be recycled as well as where to take any hazardous materials that should not be recycled or just thrown away.


Monitor the Thermostat and Blocking Direct Sunlight in Summer

Agera Energy also had new window coverings installed on the windows that had access to direct sunlight from the south side of the building. This prevents the HVAC system from having to work any harder in the summer because of the extra heat from direct sunlight. Alternatively, the window shades can be easily pulled up in the winter when you want the office to feel a bit warmer. Having more thermostats throughout the office will mean that you can keep better tabs on the internal temperature of the office. Encourage employees to dress in layers so that they can stay comfortable throughout the day.

As you can see, the steps required to make an office environment less wasteful are not complicated. Being a green company might be more attainable than you thought with a little bit of planning and a positive attitude from employees. Creating a culture of wanting to do right by the environment is a good place to start in getting your office on the right track to improved energy efficiency.



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  1. I think its so important for recycle bins to have instructions. Ive thrown things away before simply because I thought I couldnt recycle it

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