How To Make Industrial Recycling Simple In Business

With so much media coverage at the moment on how much damage we are doing to our planet, there seems to be an even bigger commitment at the moment from companies to do things differently.

With climate change targets set and companies pledging their strategy on how they will support these, consumers are also looking at what the companies they use are doing both short and long term. Industrial recycling services exist all over the country where not only guidance is given but the implementation of services put in place. Here are some of the simple things that you can do.

Recycling Trash Cans

It sounds really simple, but there are still lots of companies that do not use recycling trash cans. In an office environment, think about the amount of paper that is wasted or even the total amount of cardboard cups from the coffee shop. Recycling trash cans can make an impact on your environmental footprint.  Engagement of the workforce is key to making this work to ensure items are segregated out appropriately.

Company Waste

Depending on the nature of your business, it could generate a lot of waste. This could be in the form of metal cuttings, chemicals or coolants. Disposing of the waste in a compliant manner is not only legal but could actually make you some money.  Depending on what the waste type is, you could sell this on and get some money back. Revert is a big business and many different sectors looking to purchase parts.

Communication with the Workforce

Changing culture in a business can be a difficult challenge – especially if they have all worked a particular way for many years.  Make sure that whatever initiative it is that you are proposing to implement, you take the workforce teams with you on that journey.  Maybe engage some of the team members to actually own some of the initiatives and drive it through the company. Companies can also receive environmental awards through different bodies if they are seen to be making a difference to initiatives like recycling. Receiving one of these could be great for the company reputation.

Engage the Experts

It could be appropriate for you to engage some of the experts in helping you out with this (specifically if you have a larger business).  For example, there’s the industrial recycling services provided by Generated which will scope out exactly what potential waste you have from your particular sector and then work with you on a recycling plan.  They will highlight to you any of the opportunities that they think you have and support in implementing this. This could be as simple as recycling trash cans however if you do implement these, they need to be emptied and waste segregated – this is all supported by the recycling company.  They will cost out the prices for the recycling initiatives for you and you can choose to use them for support or go on it alone.

Make sure to try out some of our ideas to improve the way in which your business operates.

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