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Being considerate of the environment is very important in today’s world, what with the rise of Global Warming and The Greenhouse Effect. You can support the cause by using Green-friendly providers, these providers come in the form of your typical electricity, internet, water, cable and even mobile companies. To assist the effort, these providers adhere to Green ruling to minimise their business’s effect on the environment. Green Mobile networks in particular, are in short supply and most networks utilise nasty methods that hurt the environment’s air as a way to build the fastest network available and get ahead of the competition. However, there’s one option for those that actually care.

Green Mobile

Green Mobile happens to be the first and only green friendly mobile network in the UK, Green is known for competitively-priced services that are of quality and offer fantastic customer care. They have a vision different to most mobile networks, virtual networking is what Green is known for and their solution is powered by Resource Utilities, who is an official telecommunications provider within the UK. Resource has been a long-time charity contributor and fundraiser. In the past decade or so, Green has helped raise numerous large sums for sponsored charities. This innovative service was initially launched with the aim of minimising Mobile Phones’ impact on the environment but now stands as a beacon of support for multiple charities and causes.

Green’s Mobile Network and Resource Utilities witnessed massive change in 2014 as The Excell Group acquired them to place a greater focus on charity support and poverty care. The plans that allow customers themselves to help charities are known as “Charity Affinity Schemes”. These phone plans are quite generous in their offerings as they are conveniently priced and charities are assisted with a 5% taking of the monthly bill paid. Not to mention, the customer gets to choose which charity they want to donate to.

Green Mobile uses the O2 and Vodafone networks but is not a simple reseller and have their own representatives. In addition to mobile phone plans which are the main draw of the company, they have telephone landline services and electric scooters available for purchase. As a reinforcement of their reputation, the Kingston Local Guardian awarded the company the “Green Business” title in 2008.

There a few downfalls that come with being so environmentally supportive and operating in a green-regulated environment. One is that it can’t be the cheapest in terms of pricing but that’s not to say Green doesn’t have its benefits, they offer a pretty great deal in unlimited calls to other Green phone customers.

They still stand as one of the more expensive networks around with a 2 pound charge for a plan with a whopping zero allowance. Voice calls also cost a weighty 30p per minute.

However, this can all be forgiven and forgotten because the work they do for charities and humankind outweigh any technological extravagances. If being more caring of the environment that you eat, sleep and live in is what you’re about then Green Mobile is definitely worth a look. Other companies tend to inflate their charity contributions but Green is all heart and truth with a generous donation of five times their turnover sometimes.

Green Mobile’s greatest asset is definitely their customer support team, lines are never held up and representatives are always fast, communicative and helpful. What’s equally great is their billing system, they have billing based on per second usage and itemised billing without charge. It’s truly a mystery why other networks cannot offer this valuable feature, Green trumps the competition in billing when you compare it with others. It’s only fair that you see where your money is going in terms of usage, data and calls when you’re on the go.

UK’s Green mobile networks are clearly not booming at the moment, Green Mobile is currently the only viable option in the industry. You can compare their services to other mainstream companies, the latter would most likely crush Green in terms of value though. Well-known providers have the tendency to fake their stance and commitment to Mother Earth. With Green’s service they are only about helping the environment, If that’s what you’re looking for along with rather expensive deals and great customer support in a company, Green Mobile are the perfect fit for you.


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