Affordable Alternatives to the iPhone

affordable alternatives to the iPhoneThe Apple iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones on the market, but it certainly isn’t affordable for everyone. Apple also seems to come out with a new and more expensive version every few months. This doesn’t help. Their soon to be released model, the iPhone X, costs around $1,000. Fortunately, there are affordable alternatives to the iPhone out there for those who want to purchase a smartphone like the iPhone without breaking the bank.

Nokia 6

The Nokia 6 is recognized for its software and design. Its speakers are of excellent quality, which makes listening to music and videos a pleasure. This phone is also known for being durable as it is made from aluminum and Corning Gorilla Glass. It also has a sleek design and wide screen. There has also been a lot of praise for its ease of use. Nokia hasn’t been on people’s radars since Samsung and Apple have taken over, but their products are still high quality. They are worth consideration. The Nokia 6 starts at $229, which makes it another affordable alternative to many iPhone models.


Huawei Honor 6X

Huawei is one of the newer companies in the technology world, but they know how to make good smartphones. The Huawei Honor 6 is considered to have one of the best smartphone cameras on the market as it produces beautiful HD pictures, has ultra-fast focusing time and a wide aperture range. The phone also has a large, clear screen and a sleek design, as many smartphones do today. It’s also known for its long battery life, which has been reported to last up to two days. This iPhone alternative starts at $199, making it one of the best affordable options.


ZTE Axon 7 Mini

This smartphone is a truly affordable model with starting prices of around $200. With 32GB of memory, excellent audio quality, a fingerprint sensor and a bezel-free screen, this phone is a top alternative to an iPhone. The smartphone is also high performing for its price. There is a slot for a Micro SD card to have even more storage for music and pictures on your phone. It’s also an option to spend a bit more to get the Axon 7 model which may perform better. Either way, you will get an affordable smartphone.


Moto G5 Plus

This smartphone is one of the most affordable alternatives to the iPhone on the market. The Moto G5 Plus starts at $230. The price can even start as low as $185 if you’re an Amazon Prime member and don’t mind having ads on your lock screen. With a fingertip reader and clear front and rear-facing cameras, this smartphone is not lacking in capabilities despite its low price. Its long battery life is also one of the best aspects of the phone, as is its excellent performance. This is considered to be the best budget smartphone for 2017 and is a very affordable alternative to the iPhone.


OnePlus 5

This company is not as known as the other big companies, but OnePlus is worth consideration. Their latest model starts at $479 and can do what any basic smartphone can do. It’s HD screen and sleek design are appealing, as well as its efficiency and great rear and front-facing camera. The style is similar to an iPhone, which makes a transition easy if that is familiar to you. This option for affordable alternatives is one of the more expensive, but it’s still significantly less than many iPhone models. There are older models of OnePlus that are cost less, but this model is certainly the best this company offers in performance and affordability.

The models mentioned above are only a few of the smartphones that are affordable alternatives to the iPhone. While older models of the iPhone are cheaper, an Android smartphone seems like the best affordable alternative to an Apple product. If you’ve only ever used an iPhone, then it will be an adjustment when you start to use an Android model. However, knowing you are saving hundreds of dollars can make learning a new system quite easy and give you peace of mind.



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