How To Get Started Day Trading


Getting started day trading is often the hardest part. So many potential day traders get bogged down into wanting to day trade but do not know where to start so we are here to help. We are going to break this down into three simple steps to get you started day trading.


So you have decided you want to learn how to day trade? Okay, now you need to get ready. You need to set up a workspace that is comfortable and allows you to concentrate. Everyone is different so find an arrangement that works for you. You’ll want a desktop or laptop that can handle high speeds and you will want to make sure that you have high-speed reliable internet.  


Set your risk allocation. Figure out how much money you have, how much you can afford to risk and set a daily risk allocation. Also set up your trading chat room membership at Warrior Trading and get a free intro to trading course. You will also want to set up notifications for all the must follow stock tips you can get from social media. Start with Warrior Trading’s Facebook, twitter, and do not forget to check out Warrior Trading on StockTwits! Warrior Trading provides excellent day-to-day stock tips and invaluable advice for beginning day traders.


Okay, not you know where and when you are going to work and you have your risk allocation figured out, it is time to learn the proper strategies to day trade so you can make money and achieve the freedom lifestyle you are looking for. Head on over to Warrior Trading and get started on their 6 Step Guide: Learn How to Day Trade. Warrior Trading’s courses, simulator, and chat room membership will make sure you get started day trading on the right foot. Learn from the best so that you can become the best.

Getting started in day trading can be intimidating but with this simple one, two, three step plan you can get started on your career in day trading today. Why wait? Every day that goes by you are missing opportunities to make money and live the independent life you have been dreaming of. There is no better time than today to get started building the life of success, financial freedom, and independence.  


How To Get Started Day Trading — 3 Comments

  1. I have spent a long time studying and trying to trade forex. It is a steep learning curve and I have a long ways to go towards profitability. My first breakthrough was just not losing money as fast as I used to. Sounds funny to say but when I first started I jumped in and out of trades without real understanding of what I was doing. Many people say you should paper trade, but for me I could never take that seriously. Instead I think its better to start trading with a really small account so at least there is some value on the line, but nothing that makes much of a difference. I think you have to learn by doing.

  2. You have to understand stop losses, or you might end up losing everything fast. Also, establishing a mindset that can take the loss days with the wins are essential – day trading is not a 9-5 job with a guaranteed paycheck!

  3. Knowing the basics of the market is not enough. A good day trader must also cultivate emotional control. This is to say, when you start getting upset over a position gone wrong, exit all other positions and walk away from your desk until you calm down.

    An emotional trader could make disastrous decisions, so it’s important to develop a cold, logical mindset. This takes time, but when you achieve, the long-term results you can realize will be nothing short of astounding.

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