The Power of Money

Why is money so important? It is after all, just a way to trade for the things we need or want – much easier that trading objects.

Money has taken on a role bigger than just trade.

Money has power.

Money has the power to get you out of bed everyday.

Most of us like to eat, stay warm and eat a nice meal once in awhile. I order to do so, we must earn money (at least most of us must). Earning money usually means going to a business or job and performing some needed service. So, to get the money, you set that alarm and drag yourself out of bed to go to work.

Money has the power to make you learn new things.

Whether you need to learn a new skill for business or work, figure out how to use a new accounting program to track your money, research how to avoid taxes, learn how to set up a charitable foundation or review the newest investment trends, money makes you learn.

Money has the power to make you interact with others.

To get money, you train with others, work with others. To spend money you party or visit with others, maybe even vacation with others or shop with them. To manage money you meet or talk with others to ensure your money is growing.

Money has the power to make you a target.

What murder mystery doesn’t involve money in some way? Lottery winners can end up dead over their winnings.

Rich families risk kidnapping events, theft and harassment intended to part them with their money.

Money has the power to change the way you feel.

Sometimes it makes you feel valued.

The Washington Post cited a study that found people feel more valued when paid more for their work.

On the flip side, if you know you are being paid less than the other guy for your efforts, you feel undervalued.

Sometimes it makes you feel mad.

If you feel that you are being controlled because someone else has the money, you might get angry. I know I sometimes get angry at the way members of our condo association vote to spend money on frivolous things instead of putting money aside for future needs.

Sometimes it makes you feel free.

Having money available if you need to leave an abusive relationship of any sort (spouse, job, parents, etc) makes the impossible possible. You are free to leave, and still have your needs met.

Having money available lets you pursue your own life path. You can change direction, get that added training to move to a new career, pursue that life long dream of travel or volunteerism, or make a difference in the world supporting your favorite cause with time or money.

Sometimes it makes you feel confident.

Money gives you choices. Backed by money, decisions you make are less risky – you can recover. Backed by money, you can tell off the boss, quit your job, start your own business or take that vacation.

Just knowing you have money in the bank can let you look at the world differently.

Sometimes it makes you feel special.

Be careful of this feeling. If having money makes you feel superior to others, smarter than others or even just luckier than others, know that money is just a tool, not an end game. Just because you have money doesn’t make you any better (or any worse) than the next girl.  Money is not the goal, not the end game.  It is just a tool.  But like any tool, it can extend your power.

Have you felt the power of money, or do you disagree that the power comes from the money?


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  1. Wonderful article about the power of money. Obviously, money is very crucial to survive. Thanks a lot for sharing an article on why money is so important in a variety of ways. Yes, as you say money has the power to make you learn new things, etc.

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