How to Enjoy a Holiday that is Luxurious and Eco-Friendly

When it comes to going on holiday, it is important that we indulge ourselves with luxury. These vacations are where you are able to escape everyday reality, unwind and recharge your batteries. Not only this, but it is also a fantastic opportunity to see and explore amazing areas of the world and soak up a unique culture. Although it is important to indulge in luxury whilst on holiday, it is also important to ensure that your trip is as eco-friendly and green as possible.

Going on an eco-friendly and luxurious holiday may sound impossible, but this is not the case. Here are a few different ways to go green whilst still getting all the rest and relaxation that you need.


Travel is perhaps the least environmentally-friendly aspect of going on any kind of holiday. Where possible, you should avoid flying (particularly short haul flights) and instead take the train. The train is a lot more eco-friendly, plus it can also be a luxurious way of travelling if you book in advance or go first-class.


Due to the negative impact that travelling and tourism can have on the environment, there has been a sharp rise in environmentally friendly hotels and other accommodation. These places can still offer plenty of luxury in their services and facilities, but they also do their part by using eco-friendly energy sources, effective waste treatment systems, they recycle and are generally energy efficient.

Destination and Activities

Where you go and what you do will have a huge impact on how eco-friendly your trip is, so you will want to pick somewhere that you can not leave too much of a carbon footprint. Places like India are a good example, as you can spend a lot of your time exploring the beautiful natural surroundings on foot and use their world-famous railways to get around. Companies like Exodus can arrange conservation-minded tours of India’s amazing countryside.


Whilst on your trip, you can indulge in luxury whilst also respecting the local environment. This can include conserving water, only using energy when needed, recycling food packaging etc and not littering.

Although it may seem that luxury and environmentally-conscious vacations are impossible, it can actually be relatively easy to indulge on holiday whilst also going green. By simply picking suitable places and activities and considering your impact at each moment, you can do your part whilst also still being able to pamper yourself.



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