Audi Invents Carbon-Neutral Diesel Fuel, Calls it “Fuel of the Future”

For years, Audi engineers have been looking for a fuel that has zero negative impact on the environment and can also be integrated into existing Audi engines, and transmission and exhaust parts. Even independent inventors and companies alike have launched countless efforts to develop such a game-changing fuel using components like vegetable oil, algae, and organic waste. However, it seems Audi may have finally succeeded in solving the puzzle that has perplexed and challenged so many of the automotive industry’s brightest minds for decades. The company recently announced that it has developed a carbon-neutral fuel based solely on manipulating water and carbon dioxide from the air.

Taking the First Steps

Apparently, Audi has already built an experimental plant in partnership with the clean energy company Sunfire and has a plan to produce 160 liters of what they’re calling the “fuel of the future.” It’s pretty exciting stuff, but not all that surprising when you consider Audi’s reputation for cutting-edge engineering and producing some of the most advanced, durable parts and automobiles on the market.

Of course, that would mean the project isn’t yet approaching mass production, but sources say there are already plans for building a larger production plant if the initial run is successful; and given how confidently they’ve named their new fuel, it’s likely that will be happening.


How’s this New Fluid Made?

The new miracle fuel is said to be produced by generating renewable energy from hydropower, solar, and wind sources, and then using it to power a process known as reversible electrolysis, during which water molecules are split into oxygen and hydrogen. Once the hydrogen has been extracted from the water, it’s mixed with carbon monoxide that has been extracted from the carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere. The resulting fuel is often referred to as “blue crude” and is the secret behind Audi’s new “e-diesel” engine parts invention.


More Energy Efficient Engines

Surprisingly, in addition to being more environmentally friendly, Sunfire says the remarkable e-diesel engine has a much higher energy-efficiency rating than engines running conventional fuels by about 70%, thanks primarily due to more efficient combustion. The revolutionary synthetic diesel marks an amazing milestone in sustainability research, potentially allowing for the use of CO2 as a source of clean energy, which of course could lead to a tremendous reduction in greenhouse gases.

Already boasting some of the most reliable engines on the market for various models, again making Audi auto parts some of the best-manufactured of all automakers.  Their branding “Vorsprung durch technik” even means “advancement through technology” showing that they are more than willing to provide advanced tech that instills a feeling of confidence in the consumers who use it.  These energy efficiency improvements are only set to advance Audi further.


Could This Be the Movement Everyone’s Been Waiting For?

In the past, automotive innovations like this have been shrugged aside and typically never backed by an organization that has the leverage to actually initiate change. However, the fact that the new fuel was developed by Audi, a recognized leader in the automobile and parts production industry, is a good sign that key players are paying more attention to environmental responsibility. With automotive companies moving towards sustainability in various way, it seems the resistance against new fuel types is finally starting to subside and innovative progress is taking the lead as mankind continues to strive for solutions to the world’s pivotal clean energy problem.


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  1. We need to get off fossil fuels period. As soon as charging stations are widely available, ICE vehicles need to be halted by force of law.

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