Brand Phobia is a Major Cause of Overspending

It happens many times that you enter into a store for buying a product and you see your required product with two different names: one is brand name while other is local or simply new name. What you do? You grab brand product and don’t consider local product for a second. If you consider an non-branded product for one minute and do a quick comparison of ingredients, quality and price then you might realize that brand product is expensive one. This means that if you buy a non-brand product then you have a chance to save some bucks. Why it is like that? Why are we spending extra money? It is all because of brand phobia. Know more about it below.

What is Brand Phobia

It is a situation when we always prefer branded product over non-branded one. This is a kind of psychological situation which takes complete control of our will-power and judgement. We often make wrong buying decision but we never have any idea about it.

Actually, there are two kind of people .One who doesn’t know that they are spending extra money when they buy brand product. It is a kind of people who don’t like to shop around, do shopping after watching TV ads. Other kinds of people are those who have complete idea that they spend more when they buy a brand product but still they do this kind of shopping. Why? They are many reasons with which they justify this purchase. First reason is high quality. It is assumed that a product with brand tag is made of high quality. It is a misconception. Every brand product is not of high quality. Second reason is status development. People buy branded shoes, clothing, etc and then wear them just to maintain their high social status. They like to wear unique and expensive things because it differentiates their social class easily.

How to deal with this phobia?

In simple words, people suffer due to brand phobia. In some cases, branded products are the best and only option. While in other cases,  it is completely opposite. You might be paying extra money to a manufacturer just because of his brand name. So, why pay money for just one name tag? You need to deal with brand phobia. Here are some ways you can try.

Try Discount Codes

There are many people who can’t breath or live without branded product. In case you have the same problem then the best way to deal with is to use free promo codes. These codes are available online on deals websites or official Fan pages of a brand. When a brand introduces new product then you can use a promo codes to enjoy up to 50 percent discount. This is a win-win situation: you get a brand product and at a discount price.

Do Comparison

Don’t fall for brands, try to be rational. Always compare brand product with its local competitors. Check price, quality, features, etc. This comparison will help you determine whether you pick right product or not. You can try pricegrabber, shopzilla, and similar online shopping sites which let you do comparative analysis very easily.

Shop Around

Branded products come with limited style and designs. If you shop around then you are able to find better, unique and new designs. When you explore wide collection and find something new then you usually prefer it to a boring brand item.


It is good to buy good quality products but you can find them without brand name, as well. Try to change your mind about branded and non-branded products. This change will be positive and help you avoid overspending in your routine life.



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