3 Real Ways in Which Stress Affects Your Body


Stress is bad for you. That’s old news.

 However, what we aren’t always aware of is how many of our health problems that are affecting our everyday lives are rooted in chronic stress. We are proponents of getting to the source of the problem and addressing it directly, but sometimes it’s not really an option. Whether it’s a rough patch at work, a messy divorce, or a different troublesome scenario, life cannot be avoided. So while we are working on solving the problems that are causing us stress, there are ways to treat the negative symptoms so that we can function in the meantime.

 Here are some common ailments caused by stress and some suggestions on how to overcome them:  

Trouble Sleeping

Insomnia is a debilitating condition, often caused by high levels of stress and that can lead to a plethora of related problems like personality disorders and extreme fatigue. Tossing around at night is frustrating and the day after can bring consequences like low productivity at work, a weakened immune system, and more.

 Everybody is different in terms of treatment of insomnia, but before you approach your healthcare physician for a sleeping pill prescription, see if you can’t find a way to naturally prepare your body for sleep. For some, a warm shower or bath in the evening helps, or a warm cup of tea relaxes them before bed. Try a few minutes of meditation or listening to calming music, anything that you find brings you relief. And once you figure out what works for you, create a routine around it so that your body knows that sleep is coming. 

Grinding Teeth or Jaw Clenching

If you have ever woken up with a sore jaw in the morning, you most likely spent the night clenching or grinding your teeth. Now, not only is this bad for your oral health (something you should bring up with your dentist) but it can also affect the muscular development in your jaw in the long term, giving you a big jaw, which is not necessarily a desirable physical trait.

 Once you know that you are prove to clenching and grinding, ask your dentist to fit you with a night guard that will protect your teeth from wearing down. Relaxing your jaw while you are sleeping is a bit more difficult. If you feel like your jaw has already grown from the clenching, Botox is used as an alternative treatment for jaw tension and pain, as it can relax your tense muscles and visibly slim down your face.

Irregular Menses

Women’s menstrual cycles are especially vulnerable to stress as it triggers the release of certain hormones which affect the natural balance in the body. Irregular periods are more than just an inconvenience and can affect the well-being and the fertility of a woman. Imagine the compounded stress on a couple trying to conceive when nothing is like clockwork.

 One way that women regulate their periods is with hormone pills, used as recommended by their doctors. Those who do not feel comfortable with taking birth control or other hormone medication can consider alternative treatments like seed cycling or a controlled diet as suggested by a naturopath.

Though the recommended solutions to the ailments caused by stress can be very effective, it is important to distinguish that they are only treating the symptoms, not the problem. If you are experiencing problems with sleeping, teeth grinding or clenching, and irregular periods, evaluate whether it is stress that is causing it and where it is coming from. The most effective way to end the suffering is by addressing the root of the stress and learning to eliminate or manage it in a healthy manner.


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