Fashion Trends Going Green and on a Budget

At times it can be tough to be trendy, keeping the environment in mind, while being frugal.  It seems like the healthier, the more expensive, and the trendier the even more expensive, but I have thought about a lot of different ways to stay on trend and not spend a lot of money while staying eco-friendly.

Natural fabric jackets are so cool and comfy.  Leather jackets with the soft natural feeling are like no other and you can buy them at a sale price in off season times.  Right now in spring, it is a great time to buy a jacket!  Most of them are on clearance at big department stores, you can save a lot of money letting your new coat sit in your closet for six months instead of buying it in the fall with everyone else who is in need.  Canada Goose jackets are everywhere and they are so cozy and on trend.

Cotton Fabric is affordable and eco-friendly.  Wearing 100% cotton clothes is healthy for you, it lets you skin breath and doesn’t cling to tight to your body cause itchy rashes or irritation.

Handmade jewelry is a necessary piece to add to your wardrobe.  Handmade jewelry can be unique and very affordable.  Attending a local craft show is a great place to find handmade products, and you are supporting local businesses by buying items from them directly.  Products using natural beads are beautiful; they are also sustainable and affordable.  Jewelry made with hemp is very cheap and distinctive.

Thrift store shopping is a great way to save money!  You can find so many different items there. Whether you’re looking for Halloween costume or business attire, you can always find something at a second hand shop.  Buying items that are gently used will save you a ton of money and most of the time you can never tell someone else owned it.  Thrift stores are not just for people with low income, they are for everyone, don’t’ shy away from them just because you think you might be better than that.  Think about all the money you can save, and how you are reusing some great products.

Buying made in Canada accessories, mittens, scarves, and hats is something I love to do.  I find great products in my small town stores that are unique and affordable.  I save a lot of money purchasing scarves in bulk during a sale like “5 for $20” and then give them as gifts to friends and family for the holidays.  I also purchase last season’s handmade mittens in the spring. I save a lot of money buying things off season at small business because they need to make room for their new stock and products faster than a big box store might.

I love to keep my wardrobe updated and cool, and buying natural fabric and made in Canada products is trendy and eco-friendly.  You do not have to spend a lot of money to find some great products available out there, look online for some amazing deals!

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