9 Tangible Marketing Products that can give your brand more Exposure

If you have a small business, the only way to ensure continued growth is to reach more people. But reaching out is no easy feat, and it takes a savvy entrepreneur with excellent marketing skills to pull it off. One way to improve brand exposure is by using tangible marketing products or promotional items you can hand out to customers.

But everyone else seems to be giving away pens, shirts and mugs these days. If you do the same, standing out from the rest of the crowd is going to be hard. Here are a few quality  ideas on tangible marketing products that your customers can use longer, giving your brand more exposure.

  1. Refillable Pens made from Recycled Materials – Why give away a cheap, disposable pen that will either break apart or run out of ink immediately? You won’t be doing your brand any favors by going cheap. Try handing out refillable pens made from recycled materials. You’ll be helping the environment recover from billions of disposable pens made each year, and your brand will always be in the consciousness of your customer because the pen will be a mainstay in the home or office.
  2. Notebooks made from Recycled Paper – Notebooks are another popular promotional product, so instead of giving away regular ones, look for 100% recycled notebooks that you can print your logo on. You’re helping the environment recover while at the same time giving your brand more exposure.
  3. USB Stick – USB Sticks are an awesome giveaway. Just slap on your logo and the customer will be seeing your brand a lot. This is one tangible marketing product that won’t get thrown out. But make sure your USB sticks have good quality, or you might end up corrupting the files of customers you’re trying to impress.
  4. Personalized Balloons Personalized balloons give brand exposure a lift, so make sure you include this in your tangible marketing arsenal. Although your customers won’t have any practical use for them, balloons are instant eyecatchers and people will see them if your placement is strategic enough. Balloons are lightweight and easy to display, so make it a point to have balloons on opening day or any other special occasion your store has.
  5. Car Shade – Another great, but rather large promotional marketing item is the car shade. Excellent for car owners who leave their cars parked outside under the heat of the sun, this not only reminds your customers who to thank for saving their dashboards, you’ll also be getting the attention of people passing by.
  6. Mouse Pad – Mouse pads are excellent because not all mice are equipped with IR sensors that work on all surfaces (especially glass). Your brand will fit nicely and be seen for long time.
  7. Computer Cleaning Cloth – A clean workstation is a more productive workstation, and providing your customers a way to clean their computers is an excellent way to market your brand.
  8. USB Fan – For when it gets hot and muggy, these diminutive little fans can be plugged into any USB socket to give the user a tiny breeze. It obviously won’t be enough for sweltering hot days, but any breeze is better than nothing at all. Your logo would look great on the sides of this fan.
  9. Running Visor – This tangible marketing item will literally give your brand miles of exposure. If the hat is of decent quality and your logo looks cool, give it to runners so they could wear it on hot and sunny days.

Quality over Quantity

If they can hold it, hold on to it and use it everyday until they can’t anymore, your promotional giveaway was a success. You should aim for this each and every time, so never give away a cheap item that your customers would throw away the instant they get it. By going for quality, you’re adding value to their lives and helping the planet in a small way by not adding to the excess waste problem.

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