Make the most out of your Vacation with these useful Apps

Planning a vacation is fun, but it can also be a time suck especially if you’re planning a trip for the whole family. Looking for the cheapest flights, accommodations, activities, what to take with you – it all adds up and it’s so easy to get carried away! Save yourself from all the hassle by downloading these awesome apps that can help you plan your trip like a pro.


This app will help you find the cheapest way to fly to your destination. It compares over 1,000 airlines to give you an in-depth look of what each airline charges, information on connecting flights, airports and even the cheapest hotels. You can also use the app to rent a car if you don’t want to pay for a taxi.

Google Maps

Never get lost with Google Maps in your pocket. One of the more detailed and comprehensive maps available for free, this app highlights areas of interest near you such as restaurants, public transit, museums, gas stations and hospitals. You can pin your favorite places or places that you want to visit, and it will automatically calculate the fastest route while giving you turn by turn GPS navigation. Street View is great if you want to check out what the place looks like before getting there.

TripAdvisor, Around Me

Want to know more about the best restaurants, hotels, resorts and other tourists spots? Get the TripAdvisor app on your phone or tablet and use their search tool to find out. This crowd sourced app relies on millions of user generated feedback to give you an accurate and unbiased review of popular attractions in any city. Around Me works in a similar fashion, and you can use it as a backup.

Google Translate

One of the more frustrating aspects of vacationing abroad is the language barrier. This app can translate anything written into more than 58 languages, while spoken phrases can be translated into 23 different languages. This would pretty much guarantee that you don’t miss a thing anywhere you are in the world. For oral translations, speak slowly to compensate for lag.

XE Currency

An excellent currency exchange app that gives you up to the minute rates. You can set your main currency and choose your other favorites and the app will show everything simultaneously.

Google Search (Google Now)

This app is your one stop shop for weather updates, movie times, news and more. Labeled as Google Now on some Android devices, the search app uses the power of Google and you can use it to search for just about anything under the sun. Looking for the weirdest place to eat lunch, a London-based certified life coach or where to get tickets to Real Madrid’s next match? Not a problem when you have Google at your fingertips!


Hotels are good if you have enough money, but with over one million listings of houses, condos and even castles, AirBnB is a lot better. It works great if you have a travel budget that you want to maintain and it can even save you trips to the restaurant if you get a whole house with a kitchen. Plus, you’ll get to meet the owners who are great sources of info about the place you’re visiting. Who knows, they may even take you out for a guided tour!

Skype, Hangouts, WhatsApp

If you need to keep in touch with friends and family back home, don’t use your carrier! Roaming charges and international long distance calls are a pain in the butt when your next bill comes, so download any of these apps for free calls (for your contacts who use the same app) and SMS. All you need is a wifi connection or fast 3G or 4G service.

That’s it, folks! All the apps you need to make the most out of your vacation. Remember, this is the time you’re supposed to relax and unwind. So sit back, take it all in and enjoy the sunset wherever the travel bug takes you.

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