Career Planning: Hot Jobs in the Next Few Years

When choosing what career you are going to invest your life in, it is nice to know which jobs have a strong future. As evidenced in the past, jobs evolve as life changes and advances are made. Although certain jobs are going strong today, that doesn’t mean those same jobs will be fruitful five years from now. The following four jobs are predicted to be in demand in the next three to five years, making them great options for your future.

Registered Nurse

Jobs among medical fields continue to stay strong and grow as the need for medical services increases with the population rising. Although becoming a doctor is an option, you don’t have to spend lengthy years earning your medical certificate to benefit from this need. Choosing to become a registered nurse is a lucrative option that allows you to start working once you have completed a minimum of a two-year nursing program (online accelerated BSN programs are also an option). Currently, the median salary for a nurse is $56,592, and it is projected to increase by 22% over the next few years.

Civil Engineer

Not only does a steady growth in population have an effect on the medical field, but it also affects the growth of civil engineering. Civil Engineers are needed to plan and design cities’ transportation infrastructure that is greatly impacted by growth in population. Additionally, Civil Engineers handle designs for dams and reservoirs that are also affected by an increase in population. The BLS predicts that Civil Engineering job opportunities will increase 20% faster than the average job over the next ten years.

Market Research Analyst

Interestingly, some jobs that are predicted to grow in demand may not even be on your current radar. In fact, you may be working on an online political science degree with the intent to become a lawyer. However, as you progress in the program, you could start to wonder what other jobs you could do with your degree. What about considering becoming a Consultant or Market Research Analyst? As a Market Research Analyst, you work with companies gathering information on potential customers and help predict which products to market and how to market them. With your degree, you easily qualify as a candidate and start out around $60,000 per year.


They say there will always be death and taxes, which makes becoming an Accountant a secure job. Accountants perform an array of tasks from tax preparation to analyzing their clients’ financial situations. They work in both the private and public sectors and are continually in demand today. Although some accountants continue to earn their master’s degrees, all you need is a bachelor’s. The BLS predicts the accounting industry to increase over the next ten years in job demand by at least 13% faster than the regular job market.

It is a hard decision to decide what to do with the rest of your life. However, when you consider what jobs are in demand today, and what jobs are predicted to be in demand in the future, that decision is made easier. Hopefully, with the help of this list, you will find a position where you can invest your future.

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