The Food Babe Controversy, Pseudoscience, and Who You Trust for Information

Controversy has been swirling around Vani Hari, the online celebrity and speaker known as a the “Food Babe,” for several months. Questions about whether or not she’s a fearmonger have been in the ether for some time, as have articles about some of her controversial stances on good. However, things recently reached a tipping point … … Continue reading

Career Planning: Hot Jobs in the Next Few Years

When choosing what career you are going to invest your life in, it is nice to know which jobs have a strong future. As evidenced in the past, jobs evolve as life changes and advances are made. Although certain jobs are going strong today, that doesn’t mean those same jobs will be fruitful five years from … … Continue reading

You Should Really Stop Obsessing Over Your Looks

Most of the time, it’s better to be attractive than it is to be non-attractive. Much to the chagrin of this barely average-looking guy. Attractive people have a certain pull. I once spent three hours over at a female friend’s house setting up her internet. She showed up in my office one day, gave me the … … Continue reading