Five Things to Know About Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Is hair loss at an early age worrying you? Have you gone bald and are looking at a good treatment option? For men and women suffering from baldness, androgenetic alopecia, or diffuse thinning, scalp micro pigmentation has turned out to right treatment to go for. By undergoing this procedure, you can gain back your looks and lost confidence. More importantly, unlike many other alternative methods, the results are guaranteed and the results visible within a short span of time. You would not have to worry about the common problems you’ve faced all along and can go to your workplace with confidence.

What do you need to know?

You must know it does not regrow your hair but gives an appearance of hair with use of pigment. If you plan to check out this procedure, here are five things that you must know about scalp micro pigmentation (SMP).

  1. Standalone procedure

People believe this procedure is available only if you are going through hair transplant. It’s not true; you can undergo this procedure alone. As many have tried to sell combo of hair transplant and SMP procedures to many patients initially, many people thought it was part of hair regrowth procedures. Many good SMP clinics are available and, the price is much less than going through a painful hair transplant.

2.   Stays permanent

Though the procedure seems like you are getting tattoo on your scalp but the ink or pigment used in this procedure is great quality and has amazing longevity. The tattoo’s ink may fade after ten years or so but the pigment used in SMP is permanent. Even if you want to change it after some years, you can redo it and in some cases the procedure can be reversed completely for natural looking scalp.

3.   Preserve options by shaving the scalp

If you have long hair and only some areas suffer from baldness, do not get the SMP for those areas. This option may seem cheaper but it will be hard to adjust your natural hair according to it as they keep changing with time. It would be wise to shave your scalp and getting complete scalp pigmented.

4.   Bio hazard risks

As this procedure involves use of needles for creating hundreds or thousands of dots, clinic must meet the Biohazard requirement. Look for the clinic that has proper equipment sterilization, waste disposal, and many more. Avoid a clinic that does not meet this requirement to reduce the chances of infection.

5.  Be cautious

As there are many clinic who offer SMP procedure, it would be wise to check how they conduct the procedure and as for live demonstration of past procedures to make sure, they are trained and certified to carry out the procedure.


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