Environmental Jobs

Save the world!!With the world realizing how important it is that the planet is well cared for, more students are embarking on the journey of getting an environmental studies degree. This degree can be quite useful in today’s society and set students on the path to an interesting and validating career to protect the planet.

Environmental Ecologist

An environmental ecologist’s job is to study how living creatures affect their environment and how their environments then affects them. They’ll research the factors that affect a creature’s quality of life like population growth, their available resources, and pollution or habitat damage due to human development. They’ll combine these factors to recommend how society can improve various habitats.

Conservation Scientist

Conservation scientists often work as consultants with government agencies and private landowners to work out ways to efficiently use their land and its natural resources. If they work with farmers or ranchers, they’ll recommend the ideal amount of livestock or crops that their property can naturally support. They’ll take soil and water samples to verify the number of resources and their corresponding qualities to ensure the land is depleted with human use.

Environmental Policy Specialist

Most often employed by political advocacy groups, this type of job entails fighting or redesigning laws or policies that pertain to environmental issues. These might be related to air pollution, protecting the ocean, alternative or green energies, or reducing industrial waste. They might do research for different environmental causes or be advocates for altering public policies.

Park Rangers

Park rangers’ duties revolve around protecting the land and its natural resources, as well as their cultural and historical monuments. They’ll supervise park staff, educate the public, and even enforce the law. Duties can be lighthearted and fun with leading campfire talks, group hikes, and working with the wildlife department to protect the park’s animals. Other duties can be less glamorous and include picking up after park guests, speaking to park visitors who aren’t following park rules, and even making arrests if their credentials allow for it.

A degree revolving around the preservation and improvement of the environment can be challenging, rewarding, and an open ended well of opportunities for career advancement. Government agencies, non-profit organizations, and even huge corporations can utilize the training and knowledge that an environmental major can provide.

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