Ways to Have a Green Christmas

The holidays are, hands down, one of the most environmentally unfriendly holidays of the year. Pair that with Thanksgiving right before it and it makes me squirm just thinking about it. Christmas comes fraught with environmental issues. Not only are consumers in a mania to get their kids a whole bunch of poorly made, plastic toys … … Continue reading

3 Ways to Wean Yourself Off of Television

Watching TV

Over and over again I hear the same thing: People claiming they don’t have time to do something important, like work out, make extra money, or any other important cornerstone of life like building meaningful relationships. But more often than not, that same person spends at least a half hour if not more time in front … … Continue reading

Can You Live Without the Internet at Home?

Minimalism is a way of life.  Minimalists like to limit their possessions, which frees them to spend more time on the things that are truly important to them.  After all, if you’re not busy earning more money to buy stuff, and you don’t have to clean and organize that stuff, you have a lot more … … Continue reading