How Downsizing to an Apartment Has Saved Us Money

couple visiting apartment

My family and I recently moved across the country. While the cost of living in our new town in Pennsylvania is higher than we experienced in Utah, we are actually saving money each month due to downsizing. I also suspect that we’ve lowered our carbon footprint a bit as well. Smaller Living Space = Lower Utility … … Continue reading

How We’re Saving Money On Water Even Though We Live in the Desert

Collected rainwater

My family and I just recently moved to Tucson, Arizona.  I must admit that I find it fascinating that so many people can live in a place where rainfall is decidedly NOT plentiful.  In fact, Tucson averages just 11.3 inches of rain a year.  (Compare that to our old home town, Chicago, which averages 36.9 … … Continue reading

Increasing Your Fruit and Veg Intake


We’re advised to eat at least seven portions of fruits and vegetables but in reality, many of us don’t actually do this. If you’re guilty of not getting your seven-a-day, here are some tips for boosting your intake. Why You Need Your Seven-a-Day Experts don’t strongly recommend that you eat at least seven portions of fruit and vegetables … … Continue reading

Better Organization Could Boost Your Productivity


One of the things I’ve noticed in recent weeks is that my work benefits from organization. I’ve been a little out of sorts because I just packed up and moved across the country. We’ve been putting our new apartment together, and figuring out where everything goes. One of the last things that we put together … … Continue reading