How to Drink More Water Daily

We are constantly being admonished to “drink more water daily” by health and fitness experts and with good reason. The human body consists of over two thirds fluid and so it makes sense that we need replenish what is lost through perspiration, respiration and urination on a daily basis.

The body’s fluids transport oxygen and nutrients to where they are needed, regulate body temperature, remove waste and create a cushioning protection for internal organs and joints. How much daily fluid you need may depend on your weight, some researchers believe, and one method of determining this is to divide your weight in half, using that number to determine your daily water allowance. So, if you weigh 180 pounds, you need to drink 90 ounces of fluid a day. However, other factors like climate, the state of your health and physical activity need to be considered as well.

It is important to drink water before you experience thirst. The best way to maintain good hydration throughout the day is to have regular small drinks of fresh, cool water. When there is insufficient fluid in the body, dehydration sets in and this is a serious condition. Early signs of dehydration include muscle, back or joint pain, headache, dark colored urine and constipation.

Many people find it difficult to get their recommended allocation of 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. We all lead busy lives and it is easy to forget. Here are some great tips for helping you drink more water on a daily basis:

Be prepared and plan ahead.

The easiest way to make sure you remember to drink regularly throughout the day is to carry water with you wherever you go. Bottled water has become so popular that this process is really easy. However, you can save money by having your own refillable water bottles. Research has shown that chemicals may leach out of some plastic bottles over time, so play it safe and buy the ones made from aluminum or safe plastics.

Spread your fluid intake over the whole day.

It is unhealthy to try and drink your whole allocation in one go. Your body needs constant fluid replenishment, so try to have a small drink every half hour or so during the day. 

Fluid sources other than water

While water is definitely the healthiest and cheapest fluid you can drink, there can be other sources that will help you drink more. You get some fluids from your food but most comes from what you drink. You can include tea, coffee, sodas, fruit and vegetable juices and sports drinks in your total. Remember though, that some of these are loaded with empty calories, caffeine, sugar or artificial sweeteners, making them a less than healthy option. For every drink of these fluids, have 2 or 3 glasses of plain water. Spice it up by adding a little lemon or lime juice or rind for a refreshing alternative.

Link a glass of water with daily tasks.

There are numerous tasks that we perform at the same time every day. These include getting up, going to bed, leaving for work, getting home, taking a lunch or coffee break etc. Get into the habit of having a glass of water at the time of these regular tasks and activities to help you remember to drink your full daily allocation.

Keep a water bottle or glass with you as you work.

You will find that you will drink more fluids through the day if you keep water beside you as you work. Keeping well hydrated through the day, especially if you work in an air-conditioned building, will help you keep mentally alert and productive.

Keep track

Fill large bottle or two with water before you go to bed and put them in the fridge. Use this to fill your glass or bottle so you can keep track of how much you have had through the day.

Use these helpful tips to help you drink more water daily for your health and well-being.


How to Drink More Water Daily — 4 Comments

  1. Great tips and very timely. I’m a few weeks into my latest “get fit challenge” and this is the one area that I’ve been struggling with. Thanks for the timely and much needed advice!!

    I have found in the past that a bottle of water at the desk does help as sometimes you end up drinking it without even noticing. In fact, I’m going to go and fill one up now!!

  2. I keep on track with my water intake by planning when I’m going to drink. I have one bottle full (two servings) with breakfast, one for lunch, and one for dinner. The final one is with a midafternoon snack. That’s my 8 servings. If I go to the gym, or am thirsty at night, I may have more…..but if I plan it out, it always happens. 🙂

  3. I never had a problem drinking water because my grandmother always insisted that its important to do so. I’m also used to drinking room-temperature water instead of cold. My husband on the other hand, isn’t used to this. Not until recently where he saw an article talking about how one woman changed (good skin, healthy overall wellness) when she only drank water. He became convinced and started replacing his regular drinks. Now, his drinking habits have changed for the better and he says he’s feeling much better because of it.

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