5 Tips on How to Prevent Diabetes

#166272573 / gettyimages.com The most common type of diabetes is Type 2 and there are steps that you can take to prevent it. These steps mainly represent lifestyle changes which will benefit you and your family in many ways. Follow these 5 tips on how to prevent diabetes and enjoy the benefits almost immediately. Be more active  People … … Continue reading

How to Drink More Water Daily

#483599283 / gettyimages.com We are constantly being admonished to “drink more water daily” by health and fitness experts and with good reason. The human body consists of over two thirds fluid and so it makes sense that we need replenish what is lost through perspiration, respiration and urination on a daily basis. The body’s fluids transport oxygen … … Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Travel with Your Family More Affordable

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My husband and I love to travel, but in the early years of our marriage, we couldn’t travel as much as we would have liked to because we thought it was too expensive to travel.  There was the gas, the hotel, and the restaurants to pay for. We thought eating in restaurants was a main attraction … … Continue reading

How to Fit In Exercise When You’re Busy

#139813570 / gettyimages.com It’s recommended that we do at least half an hour of exercise each day but if you’re anything like most people, this turns out to be an exception rather than the norm. It can often feel impossible to fit exercise into your day when you feel that time is completely against you but … … Continue reading