Four Things I Learned When I Became a Grandparent

grandfather and grandson with cloud

Are you a grandparent?  Chances are, if you have kids, you will become one some day.  That first grandchild is so exciting.  Your kid is having a kid!  It connects you to the future.  Here are four things I learned after having grandchildren. They aren’t my children! My Aunt and Uncle used to take each of their … … Continue reading

It’s Not Too Late to Save for the Holidays

shopping cart with christmas presents isolated on white

Christmas is less than 11 weeks away.  We all know that it comes every year on December 25th and that there are many, many expenses associated with Christmas.  And yet, many of us become frantic in November and wonder how we’ll pay for everything. If you’ve not yet set aside any money for holiday shopping, know … … Continue reading