Making Sure You Feel Great For Each Day

Fitness people portrait in gym

Directly after my wedding, I didn’t feel so good. The stress of wedding planning and changing jobs all at once really caught up with me and wrestled my body into a state of compromised immunity. I woke up the morning after the nuptials with a scratchy throat, headache, and general fatigue. I brushed this off as … … Continue reading

6 Things I Learned When I Became an Investor


Aside from a couple of brief forays into non-bank type accounts in the eighties and one family investment club, my investing experience dates to the early 1990’s. We finally had enough income left over after paying expenses and saving for kids to attend college to start investing it. I’ve learned a lot of things since I … … Continue reading

Stay on track with bringing your lunch to work

Bag Lunch with Fruit

I started a new job last month. At my previous job, I had no problem with bringing my lunch every day to work. My co-workers were all the brown-bagging type, and nobody really took a proper lunch break. Furthermore, my office was not near any sort of restaurant or café, thereby eliminating the accessibility of … … Continue reading

Ways to Make Your Next Move More Eco Friendly

Moving House Checklist

We recently moved halfway across the country from Illinois to Arizona.  This is the first move that hasn’t been a DIY move for us.  My husband’s new employer hired a moving company to move us.  We packed most of our own things, but we left the valuables for the moving company to pack so that … … Continue reading