High Stress and Low Pay: Would You Do Any of These Jobs?


Not too long ago, I was reading an article on CNN Money on some of the most stressful jobs that come with low pay. When we think of some high-stress jobs, like air traffic controller, the assumption is that there is some sort of monetary compensation for dealing with the stress. However, this isn’t always the … … Continue reading

When Choosing Investments, Avoid Past Performance Bias

Three glass jars holding coins

As humans, we have a number of biases that can trip us up when it comes to money. When it comes to choosing investments, one of the more problematic biases is “past performance” bias, in which you make decisions based on the recent past of an asset. Relying too heavily on past performance can make you … … Continue reading

The Danger In Assuming


You’re probably familiar with the phrase, “The word assume makes an ass out of you and me”. While assumptions can be helpful, creating shortcuts for understanding and putting situations in context, they can also be quite dangerous, and can indeed, make you into an ass…or worse. If there’s a lesson to be learned early on, it’s … … Continue reading