Eco-Friendly Cars Are Getting a Makeover


Hybrid and electric cars have long been seen as more of a practical commodity than a status symbol. Sleek lines and high-tech internal features weren’t really the main point of their design; they were built to simply be more fuel-efficient. Yet over the past few years, eco-friendly cars have become increasingly luxurious as high end … … Continue reading

Deciding to Be Content Even When Life Doesn’t Go the Way You Plan


Have you ever had Life throw you a curve ball that you never saw coming?  In moments like this, you have two choices–accept what has happened and make the best of it or be miserable.  I was recently faced with this decision myself. Suddenly Uprooted My husband is just completing two years of an expected three to … … Continue reading

7 Health Tips to Boost Your Everyday Wellness

health concept - cloud of related words and topics

You might be surprised at the how simple it can be to improve your everyday wellness. I was surprised at how much better I have felt in the past few months (sans a disappointing three-week illness, but that was out of the ordinary), thanks to making a few health changes. Of course, the problem with “simple” … … Continue reading

Build Memories and Spend Less on Your Grandchildren this Summer

Senior man reading map with grandson on country walk

Today’s grandparents are notorious for spoiling their beloved grand-kids. Today’s grand-kids are notorious for being glued to a screen. Spend less, and pry the kids away from those screens by doing some of these activities to build face time with yours. These are the times they will remember, long after they have forgotten who gave … … Continue reading