Best Apps For Improving Your Motoring Experience

touchscreen digital tablet finger macroThese days, you can find a digital app that will help you to achieve almost anything. It doesn’t matter what your ultimate goal is – it could be learning how to make blancmange, or working out how to dance the waltz – if you’re determined to master it, there’s an app out there for you. There are now thousands of different apps designed to improve the experience of driving – it’s fair enough really, considering how wildly stressful it can be sometimes. There are toll booths, road humps, speed cameras and scores of frustrated fellow motorists all just waiting to make sure that that smooth drive to work goes rapidly awry.

Fortunately, all of these things are getting easier and easier to deal with – thanks to a whole host of sophisticated motoring applications. Whilst there are some apps that do come with a small charge, the vast majority are completely. They’ll change the way you think about driving, so jump on the bandwagon and get immersed in the world of the digital driving app. Here are just a few of the best apps designed to improve your motoring experience.

TomTom SatNav, £39.99 – this is actually one of the most expensive apps on the market, but it is an extremely sophisticated programme. When you compare it to the cost of a brand new SatNav system, it does turn out to be superb value for money. The TomTom system updates quickly and with the minimum of fuss – it can even be enhanced and modified by the user. What’s more, both European and worldwide maps can be entered into the system if you’re planning to go on a driving holiday. If you have a phone cradle in your car – this app is basically the same as having an actual SatNav, only without the daunting price tag.

Petrol Prices Pro, £2.99 – for just a few pounds, you can invest in a digital app that will automatically locate and identify the cheapest places to buy petrol in your town. According to the RAC, the Petrol Prices Pro app is programmed to search more than eleven thousand British petrol stations. It is still being updated, so you should be able to see just how extensive this application can be if used correctly. With the price of fuel constantly on the rise, who wouldn’t benefit from an app like this?

Spotify, Free Version – this free version of Spotify wasn’t specifically designed to be a driving app, but it does make a great addition to long car journeys. If you’re bored of the radio and you want a more personalised set of tunes, just build a Spotify playlist before you leave the house – then, use a radio transmitter to play the songs on your car stereo. If you have a car that’s Smartphone compatible, it should be even easier. If you can’t tolerate the radio adverts, fork out £9.99 a month for the premium upgrade.

Vingo Voice App, Free – the app market is filled with voice automated systems, but this is one of the best. It’s free too, so you don’t have to worry about trying it out and not liking it. It’s a nifty piece of kit, but not everybody will feel comfortable yelling at themselves in an empty car.. Once you get the hang of it though, you should find that this app is extremely useful – it turns your mobile phone into a hands free device. You’ve just got to speak loudly into the microphone and the automated system will carry out your command. After five minutes, you’ll be pretending you’re on the SS Enterprise – you’ll see.

Author Bio:Harry Johnson is a part time mechanic and an engineering student at Portsmouth University. He recommends checking with Direct Asia Hong Kong for more information and advice on how to use apps without invalidating your insurance. Harry can usually be found tinkering with anything mechanical, or revising for his next test.


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