Simple Things You Can Do to Be Environmentally Friendly and Save Money

Mason Jars filled with dried grains

So often, being environmentally friendly and saving money go hand in hand.  That’s good for the Earth and for personal finances.  The truth is, there are plenty of things our grandparents and great grandparents did that were eco-friendly and frugal that we can easily do today.  You don’t have to go back to the days … … Continue reading

How Our Wedding Venue is Saving Us Thousands On Our Wedding

Wedding reception room

When my partner popped the question back in September, I already knew where I wanted to get married. I wasn’t one of those little girls that planned out her wedding down to every last, minute detail as a child, but as my relationship with my now fiancé has progressed, I have mentally and subconsciously started cataloguing … … Continue reading

What Money Advice Would You Give Yourself If You Could Go Back in Time

time stands still

We like to say that hindsight is 20/20, and this is especially true of money. We often think about what we would tell ourselves if we could go back in time and provide some advice to younger versions. The money advice I would give a younger version of myself falls into two categories: “What were you … … Continue reading

4 Things Your Child Can Do Instead of Going Immediately to College

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Another school year is ending, and another crop of students are graduating high school.  Many parents would probably like their kids to go to college immediately, but that isn’t necessary.  If you’re flexible as a parent, you may realize that there are many other worthwhile things your kids can do besides go to college immediately. Consider … … Continue reading