Online Business Degrees Afford Best Value and Biggest Advantages

iStock_000020767918SmallOnline business degrees are the most hotly-pursued of all educational programs in Cyberspace. Many valid reasons account for the phenomenal growth and immense popularity of virtual business schools.

Best business degree benefits


Of course, the biggest and most obvious advantage that any business degree provides is tangible proof of specialized knowledge and practical skills in high demand by today’s business organizations. Many military vets with extensive experience and applicable practical skills in their former military occupational specialty cannot get a comparable civilian position due to lack of formal educational credentials required by private-sector employers.


Online business degrees offer a solution to this widespread dilemma, due to unprecedented flexibility to attend classes on whatever schedule best suits your personal needs and individual circumstances. Thus, students can maintain present employment and family or other personal responsibilities while studying on a self-paced course toward a brighter future.

Sensitivity and specificity to suit special students

Apt scholars who opt to enroll in a military-friendly institution like Vista College have easy access to even more unique advantages that are hard to find elsewhere. Liberal internal policies pertaining to transfer of academic credits for previously completed courses at other schools and award of academic credit in lieu of conventional classroom instruction for related employment experience and/or comprehensive equivalency exams are two features that are especially helpful for military students.

Enhanced practicality = increased employability

Another advantage of earning a business degree is gaining or expanding theoretical knowledge bases. Although hands-on experience is highly beneficial, accurately identifying and analyzing underlying causes and dynamics of real-life business scenarios is also essential. For instance, knowing which ad media generate the most inquiries is nearly useless without being able to calculate financial feasibility.

Moreover, many military vets lack leadership skills essential to effective personnel management. As people are the most valuable assets of any business organization, optimizing ROI human resources is vital to sustained economic viability. Doing so involves considerable analytical thinking and empirical research to devise and identify most effective strategies to maximize overall employee productivity.

Another huge advantage of business degrees is enhanced ability to identify specific areas of highest personal interest, earnings potential, or other such criteria. This allows students who opt to pursue advanced business degrees to choose a concentration that makes best and highest use of their particular prior experience and personal strengths. Besides much greater enthusiasm during initial educational preparation, odds of long-term career success and professional satisfaction increase exponentially.

Aligning career goals with the right online MBA specialization is important, as this provides the skills necessary to succeed within a particular industry. Employers want the most job-ready people possible and specialized education means that the student can step right into a position. While a general MBA does enhance an individual’s management and overall business skills, focusing on a specific niche like enterprise resource planning, operations management or international business makes the person much more employable within these industries. By mastering specialized skills, rather than general ones, the student will have an advantage over other applicants who do not have this additional training.

Identifying legitimate e-learning institutions

A recent news article featured a list of eight qualifying questions the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) advises military students to always ask of any prospective higher educational institution. Doing so is essential to avoid victimization by unscrupulous diploma mills that exploit VA benefits-eligible military students with exorbitant tuition and fees.

Thus, FTC suggests that students’ first two inquiries should be total attendance costs and available payment methods for expenses non-covered by VA benefits. Not surprisingly, the next suggested question is acceptability of military training in exchange for academic credit. Finally, accreditation and availability of specialized services to address unique needs of military students are two matters that must be explored. (See to view the full article).

Vista College business degree online is best value

We meet or exceed minimally acceptable standards of military-friendly education characteristics the above-listed questions are designed to identify. Contact us today to receive prompt answers to your questions or concerns about the pros and cons of completing an online business degree at Vista College. As there is no fee to receive additional details, taking a closer look at what we have to offer is a risk-free proposition with high potential to repay a lifetime of handsome dividends.

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