Keeping it Together After a Car Crash

iStock_000017849680SmallWhile most people’s first reaction after a car crash is to panic, it’s important to know how to keep it together if you want to avoid making a bad situation even worse; this includes having the clarity to know who to contact after an accident, and how to take down the right details for an insurance claim. At the same time, you need to make sure that you have the vehicle repaired and a replacement car organised with a reputable company such as Balgores, and that you know what not to do following an accident.

Immediate Steps

Some of the most crucial areas to focus on after a crash is to stop and not leave the scene; this is particularly important if you were the one who caused the crash. You need to stay calm enough to speak to another driver, and to call the emergency services if required. If there are other passengers or witnesses, you’ll also need to be able to answer questions and get as much information from other people before the emergency services arrive on the scene.

Getting Your Insurance Claim Right

Another benefit to staying calm in the aftermath of an accident is that you’re more likely to be able to take down the correct information for an insurance claim; you should provide and take details from the other driver if you’ve had a collision, which should include vehicle registration numbers, names and addresses. Failure to report an accident to the police and your insurer could end up generating a £5,000 fine and up to ten points on your driving license.

What You Shouldn’t Do After an Accident

It’s similarly important to be aware of what you shouldn’t do in the event of an accident; don’t be tempted to lose your temper with another driver, even if it was their fault. Getting into an argument will make it harder to work out your insurance claim, and could end up with them leaving the scene before you can take their details. Similarly, you should remember to visit the hospital, even if you don’t have any immediate pain, for a check up.

Staying in the Right Frame of Mind

In terms of keeping calm and not becoming too stressed, you should always have an emergency plan in mind when you’re driving. Make sure that you have a checklist you can refer to after an accident, as well as the number of your insurance company on your phone. You should similarly know your insurance policy number, as well as who to call if you’re injured and need help getting home from the hospital.

Getting Breakdown and Vehicle Repair Protection

Having comprehensive car insurance can help to reduce the stress of an accident by providing you with the peace of mind that your car will be repaired and that you’ll get a replacement car to take you away from the scene. Writing down damages to your car, as well as information from the speedometer, can make it much easier to process a later insurance claim, and can mean that you’ll have a safety net in place if disputes do come up over an accident.


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