Ibiza Says No To Drilling

The offshore drilling oil rig.If you have ever been to Ibiza, you know that it is a beautiful place yet they have strong morals in their community. Currently they have been working on a project that is to be funded by Cairn Energy to prevent drilling in the Arctic Circle. The public is outraged that they want to drill in the already fragile Arctic Circle and they have joined in unity to prevent the oil drilling exploration from proceeding. Today, we will discuss why the locals of Ibiza have such a problem with the oil drilling.

Possible Oil Leaks & Coastline Damage

The main reason why Ibiza locals do not want the drilling to take place is that it could cause a catastrophic oil leak beneath the sea, such as the one that took place in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. A very bad environmental disaster caused numerous fish, mammals, and birds to die.

Acoustic Surveys & Marine Life Death

Oil drilling would drastically increase the death of the marine life. When acoustic surveys take place the sound levels are too much for the creatures to handle. They undergo various things such as internal bleeding, injuries, and usually death is the result.

Whales, Turtles & Dolphins Are in Danger

Where the oilrig is designed to be put, dolphins, turtles, and whales use the same migratory corridor. Therefore, not only is the oilrig going to take away from Ibiza’s beauty but it is also putting beautiful animals at risk too.

Conserving the Pristine Seas

When tourists come to Ibiza, they look forward to seeing the clean seas and staying in beautiful rural surroundings. However, the clear water will be gone in the blink of an eye if the oil drilling is approved.

What Can Be Done

Ibiza locals want their island to stay as beautiful as possible and they do not want innocent marine life to be in danger. Locals and non-locals have the opportunity to try to help them prevent oil drilling from occurring by the ways listed below:

  1. Sign the petition – Locals and non-locals have the option to download the petition and sign it here. The petition has to be printed out and mailed to WORLDFAMILYIBIZA, APDO 160, 07810 SANT JOAN, IBIZA, ESPANA along with a copy of your passport. Alternatively, you have the option of clicking here to sign the online petition. The printed version is available in multiple languages but the online version is only available in Spanish.
  2. Share this article on social media – If you do not want to sign the petition you can help Ibiza by spreading the word about what they are going through on your social media networks. It only takes a few moments of your time and you can help them get the awareness that they need to prevent oil drilling from occurring.



Ibiza is a beautiful place to live and to visit. If you have ever visited the area, you know that the water is always clean and the locals are inviting. How would you feel if your local area was about to be invaded and there was not much that you could do about it unless you received the proper amount of support? We encourage you to take a few moments of your time to share this article with your networks so the Ibiza community can have as much support as they need to make it through this troubling time.

If you have not been to Ibiza we encourage you to do some research on it so you can see why this is such an important issue.

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