Would You Live in the Past for Peace of Mind and Financial Well-Being?

House on the Prairie

Amy Dacyczyn, author of the 1990s wildly popular The Tightwad Gazette, once remarked that frugal living is often synonymous with green living. Of course, this makes sense.  If you’re frugal, you’ll likely take steps to save money such as not using disposable products like paper napkins and paper towels.  Instead, you’ll choose items like cloth napkins … … Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons Explaining Why People Choose to Sell Structured Settlements


The holders of structured settlement often find themselves in dilemma when they are in immediate financial need. They find it very difficult to sell the constant source of income that they get from this financial instrument and yet need money to wrap up the problems in present. But these people do not have to consider … … Continue reading

Top Life Expenses

baby on mother

What are the top three expenses during a person’s life? This is the question I set out to answer a few days ago. It turns out, that like many things in life, it depends. The biggest lifetime expenses we can encounter. Raising a child to age 18 (not including post secondary ed). According to CNN Money article Average cost … … Continue reading