How to Be Entertained and Learn Something at the Same Time

The journalist with a videocamera

I used to be a huge trash TV junkie. Anything that I could zone out on and didn’t have to take too seriously would be something I’d be interested in watching. I’d watch some seriously mindless TV for entertainment, after an episode of which I’d feel like my IQ had dropped several points. Along with the … … Continue reading

How to Pick the Right CSA for Your Needs


Over the last three years, my family has slowly moved away from buying most of our food at the grocery store to buying most of it directly from the farmer through CSAs.  The food is fresh and tasty and often more reasonably priced than organic foods at large chain stores such as Whole Foods. The community … … Continue reading

I’m Not Going to My Best Friend’s Bachelorette Party.

Friends Having Lunch Together At Home

Why? Well it’s quite simple really…I can’t afford it. And no, I don’t think “Bachelorette Party” qualifies as one of those things you “have” to afford. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with that sentiment, so I’ve been met with some eye rolls and attitude. Meanwhile, one of my other friends, who is halfway through nursing school and up to … … Continue reading

Make One Change to Improve Almost Every Aspect of Your Life

Snack at work

Over the past year or so, I’ve probably watched twenty different documentaries, and many of them were about health, food, weight and nutrition. I also enjoy many TED Talks on similar topics and am an avid reader. Earlier in the year, I watched a few documentaries that really motivated me to change my habits. While I’ve always … … Continue reading