Make One Change to Improve Almost Every Aspect of Your Life

Snack at workOver the past year or so, I’ve probably watched twenty different documentaries, and many of them were about health, food, weight and nutrition.

I also enjoy many TED Talks on similar topics and am an avid reader.

Earlier in the year, I watched a few documentaries that really motivated me to change my habits. While I’ve always known that there was truth in the documentaries messages, and I’ve always half-heartedly tried to follow the teachings, I never really found a push quite like that one.

What is the one change?

Cut out the crap and eat plants.

To acknowledge this fact, I used to reduce the crap (slightly) and eat more plants on top of the crap existing in my diet.

This sounds stupid, but we all do it. We know juice isn’t good for us unless it’s juiced from real fruit in your own kitchen, but we fool ourselves into thinking it’s not all that bad. We know that the “whole wheat” crackers we bought at the grocery store are full of sodium and chemicals but we buy them anyway and act like we are being healthy because they aren’t chips.

I have completely cut out the crap in my diet. No more boxed or canned products, a drastic reduction in the animal products I consume (just very high quality cheese now). I cut out sugar in my coffee and left my sweet tooth to the device of naturally found sugars in fruit.

Here is what cutting out the crap and eating plants can do for you to improve almost every single aspect of your life:

Look Better

I would be lying if I denied that looking good is motivating for me. Because this is one of the most drastic changes, we have to discuss it first.

When you stop eating food that has been processed, and rely on whole, real, mainly plant based foods, your weight will take care of itself. Because you’ve cut out high fructose corn syrup and stopped messing with your insulin and hormones, your body will let go of it’s obsession with hanging on to excess fat. Furthermore, your body will start re-distributing your weight more evenly, instead of concentrating it all on your midsection, thighs, and upper arms.

Not only will your weight take care of itself, so will your skin. You won’t need expensive skin creams to get rid of wrinkles, or to minimize pimples. If you are getting the nutrition you need, your skin will show it. As Hungry for Change describes, skin is the last organ to get nutrients. As a result, it is the most telling of your health.

Your eyes will be brighter, your hair will be shinier, your nails stronger and less brittle, and you’ll be overall a better looking person.

Feel Better

My body tells me when I’m not eating well by messing with my hormones. Hormones can really make or break your mood. If you are eating heavily processed foods from boxes, cans, or bags, you’ll sleep less soundly, your mental health will be at risk, and your emotions will mess with you.

Furthermore, even if you get used to feeling physically less than amazing, you’ll notice a huge difference in your energy levels when you start eating better.

Think Better

I’m going to argue that eating good, real food will help you in your career.


Because if you feed your body to maximize nutrients and cut out toxins, your brain will receive those nutrients. People who eat well also think well.

Your brain very much reacts to the things that you consume. Alcohol and drugs have an effect on your brain; chocolate and coffee do, too, so nutrition does, as well.

If you are in a constant state of food-coma at work, you probably aren’t putting your best foot forward. You are more alert and able to think of solutions and problem solve when your brain has the nutrients it needs.

Have a Better Attitude

As a product of the rest of the effects of healthy, real eating, your attitude is bound to improve greatly. If you look better, feel better, and have more success at work, you’re going to have higher self esteem and happiness, which will undoubtedly present itself in your attitude toward others. 


Healthy eating is something that many North Americans know is important but don’t do anything to actually change their behaviours. You have the opportunity to completely change your life and make yourself much happier. Why not take it?


Make One Change to Improve Almost Every Aspect of Your Life — 11 Comments

  1. A began a plant-based, whole food diet in August of 2012. It’s changed my life. My BMI is 20.8, my total cholesterol is 107 (I do take a very low dose of atorvastatin too), inflammation in my body as measured by C reactive protein is 0.5, and my blood pressure averages 105/75. Most importantly, I feel fantastic.

  2. Hey Daisy and thanks for an insightful and inspiring post 🙂

    I’m with you all the way and doing what I can to eat better…some days I succeed, while other days I slightly fail or Epically fail!!! It’s quit difficult to break out of old and established patterns of personal behavior but once done, it is, as you so correctly state, extremely worth the change!

    Take care and congrats on your personal changes. All the best.


  3. I’m trying to eat more raw greens. I went a whole week eating salad for lunch recently and felt great. I find that’s easier to do when the weather is warm though. When it’s cold I constantly crave hot comfort foods and salad doesn’t really sound that good.

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