Re-Thinking the “Hallmark Holidays”

A stack of Christmas stars

“Valentine’s Day and iPad. Made for each other.” This is the subject of an email I got from Apple today. It goes on to say “Love is in the Air. iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display. Two ways to your valentine’s heart.” If your reaction to this is anything like mine, you’re probably thinking, “Really? … … Continue reading

How to Save Money on Organics


In my quest to be more healthy over the past couple of years, I’ve been acutely aware of the imbalance between the cost of healthy, nutritious food, and the cost of unhealthy, food-like products (non foods). Because it’s so cheap to manufacture these non-foods, as high fructose corn syrup is dirt cheap and so is cardboard … … Continue reading

Focusing on My Health — Not My Weight


I have a kind of love/hate relationship with diet and exercise. I’m often stuck in a cycle that involves me losing and gaining the same 10 pounds over and over again. However, over the last few months I’ve started focusing more on my health, rather than concentrating on my weight. While I haven’t seen the kind … … Continue reading

Control Your Bagworms – Economically and Organically


Bagworms can wipe out your expensive evergreen landscaping in a single season if left uncontrolled. If you own a home and have landscaped with juniper, arborvitae, spruce, pine or cedar, don’t let the bagworms cost you a fortune. I’ve seen it happen to my neighbors. They plant some really nice foundation evergreen bushes and think … … Continue reading

Easy Foods to Make at Home Instead of Buying at the Store

man cooking at home

To the overworked housewife in the 1950s, convenience foods were a fun novelty that gave her more time to do other things besides cook.  To the working women of the 1980s, convenience foods offered them a way to juggle their responsibilities of career women and wives and mothers.  Now, in our generation, convenience foods are … … Continue reading