Cut Back on Some Expenses to Have Your Dream Wedding

iStock_000014988722XSmallI am getting married in the summer of 2014, and we’re therefore in the throes of wedding planning. With the wedding only six months away, I’ve been booking photographers, putting deposits on caterers, wedding dress shopping and connecting with family and friends.

Throughout this flurry of activity, we’re also being very mindful of our budget. Since my fiancee and I are footing the bill for our wedding, we have to be mindful of where are money is going and ensure that we keep the costs down so that we don’t start our married life on poor financial footing.

Because of our limited budget, we have prioritized most of our spending to the most important of things, and skimped out on many other things. To us, the more important aspects of our wedding are the food (everyone remembers the food), the venue, and the photos. We are saving money on some other things so that we can afford to spend a little more on the important pieces.


Invitations can cost a lot if you get them done professionally, and nobody really cares about nor remembers the wedding invitations.

We found a printable template, plugged our information into it, bought some card stock and made them ourselves. We made 100 wedding invitations very cheaply, and the entire batch cost us under $60.

They are beautiful and unique, but not expensive. We even saved money on the card stock by buying it on Ebay, and cut down on the cost of RSVP cards and envelopes by requesting that guests RSVP using our free wedding website or email.


Especially if you are getting married outdoors, you don’t have to go overboard with the flowers. Flowers cost a lot of money and your guests won’t remember them at all.

Our wedding and reception is outdoors at a summer camp on a lake, so although we will have flowers, we will keep them to a minimum.

My bridesmaid’s bouquets will be repurposed as part of the centrepieces on the table.

We plan to find the flowers at Costco as their pricing is very good for floral arrangements.


While this may be an area of higher importance for some people, we are not interested in hiring a band or even a DJ. We have an iPod that we can load a wedding playlist on, and will be asking one of my cousins to just watch the iPod if there is an issue.

My friend took a similar approach when she got married last summer, and it worked out perfectly. Nobody noticed or cared about the absence of a DJ or band, and the money that was saved could go toward a good photographer.


It used to be that favours were expected at a wedding. Favours are no longer expected, so you can cut the cost of favours out all together, but even if you do want to give favours they don’t have to be expensive.

We are going to be giving our guests little jars of lavender jelly, which we ourselves are making. We are buying the lavender from a local lavender farm and it should be quite inexpensive.

If we hadn’t come up with that idea, then we wouldn’t be giving out favours at all.

By saving on these things, we will be able to hire a quality photographer, and provide our guests with a delicious meal in a beautiful setting. There’s something to be said for cutting back on the things that people don’t remember to spend more on the important stuff!


Cut Back on Some Expenses to Have Your Dream Wedding — 10 Comments

  1. I have to say out of all the weddings I’ve been to, I remember the music the most! It might be because I’m not much of a foodie, but the ceremony and dancing is what sticks in my brain. My sister got married 18-months ago and food was her top priority. However, dinner was served so late that by the time it got to us it was cold. That’s what I ended up remembering about the food!

    • I hear you on the dancing, but I don’t think that anybody will notice if you have a playlist vs a DJ. I feel so bad for your sister! That really is unfortunate!

  2. I really love attending wedding ceremonies.I love watching when the bride walks down the aisle. During my wedding we made our own invitation so we really saved a lot in doing that.

  3. Yes, there are a lot of expenses as well as necessities that cost a lot of money.I am actually in the process of planning a wedding, and every second I turn there is an additional expense.

  4. Exciting, exciting! That’s a very smart idea to use the bridesmaids bouquets as center pieces. Nice! Having a memorable, happy wedding definitely doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Great job keeping costs down and staying focusing on what matters to you most.

  5. Hmm let’s see. I did online invites (this was entirely selfish – I personally hate paper invites and would much rather have an evite and copy details straight into my Google Calendar – plus it’s cheaper and environmentally friendly). Skipped favours and decorations in general (chose a cool venue). I didn’t want dancing and made a playlist of some of my fave songs (this was the first wedding related task I did!). And flowers were a last minute addition 2 days earlier – bought some random ones online. MIL was not happy about that and took it upon herself to improve the flowers with some creativeness – said they looked like funeral bouquets. Whatever – they did the job and I tossed mine over a bridge halfway through our photo shoot.

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