Wait, Don’t Buy That Yet!

business girl with shopping bagsFor many, the end of the year holiday shopping frenzy can override our saner, more thrifty selves. We get desperate to find gifts for everyone on the list. Spending our precious and all too limited time searching online and in stores.

Sometimes, as we shop we see things we would like to own and decide to treat ourselves with a gift or two as well. I know I do. In fact, I did today!

There are still more ‘me’ gifts I’d like to buy, but I’ve managed to hold off so far. I own a blog and some other websites and have been wanting a new camera to take pictures and videos for them. Since my blog is set up as a business, I could deduct the expense – or at least depreciate the asset over time – reducing my taxes. However, in reviewing the best things to wait to buy on various sites, I find that cameras are one of those items. So, hey, I guess I can take the tax reduction next year as well as this!

I learned late in life that there are best times to buy certain things. Sure I knew about the ‘White sales’ – the ones stores used to have in January on sheets and towels and such, but I really hadn’t a clue that there is a best time to buy many other things!

An added perk in waiting to buy is that you are deferring gratification of a want (or maybe a need). You may decide you don’t need or want the item at all if you push yourself to wait to get a bargain on it!

What should you wait to buy until after the holidays?

All things Christmas.

Obviously, anything with decorations related to the holidays will most likely be reduced in price right after Christmas.

I always shop for Christmas wrapping paper, gift tags, boxes and really nice ornaments the week after Christmas. However, I wait until spring and summer to buy decorations – and get them at garage sales.

Winter clothes.

If you don’t mind a picked over selection, you can get deals on outerwear, sweaters and other winter items. However, I have found that most of the stuff either doesn’t fit me, is stylistically challenged or a weird color if I wait. That is why I sprang for my brand new white vest with fur lined hood today, at 40% off (off the marked up 160% price that is).

Brand name TVs.

Practically every site I checked recommended waiting to buy brand name TVs until the electronics show in mid-January takes place. Most claimed that the holiday sales were of no-name TVs. ABC News recommended waiting until February or March to buy.


Again, the recommendation is to wait until February or March, after the new models come out. That should give me enough time to figure out what kind of camera I really need!

Cosmetics and jewelry.

Jewelry stores usually have excess inventory left over and no significant romantic events in January to get folks to buy, so you may find deals on diamonds after the holidays.

Stores also stock up on gift sets with cosmetics for the holidays and may need to move it fast in January.

Other tips.

On their personal finance site, US News suggested that some kids get games they don’t want and can’t be returned. These get donated to thrift stores or placed in consignment shops so you might keep checking your local stores for these.

Look on Craigs list and in local consignment shops for nearly new exercise equipment. All of those last year resolutions made some people buy new bikes, treadmills, weight lifting equipment and etc. Now that they failed to keep their resolutions, some folks are deciding to free up space by donating their last years equipment, or selling it.

Snag a discounted gift card online.  Some people don’t really like gift cards (I’m one) and prefer to sell them for cash.

Check out these articles for even more tips on after holiday bargains:




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  1. I look for Xbox and PC games after Christmas at GameStop. Kids get games for the holidays and either don’t like them after playing them or they beat them and sell them back. Great time to find used games that are almost new!

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