Unintended Consequences

stopping the domino effect

Your actions have consequences. Sometimes they are unintended and unforeseen ones. Other times, they are exactly the ones you envisioned and hoped to initiate. Individuals, families and workplaces are complex organisms with multiple constantly changing parts and pieces. If you push in one direction, the organism may pop in several different directions. Examples of unintended consequences. Suggesting … … Continue reading

How Mastering Public Speaking Can Help You Develop Other Skills

orator in public

Public speaking is many people’s biggest fear. Getting up in front of a crowd and is daunting enough, but then there’s the thought of making a mistake. Stumbling over your words, doing something embarrassing, saying something off of the script – these are all things that contribute to the general fear of public speaking. As scary … … Continue reading

Making the First Post-Graduation Pay Check Count

Pay To

Wow! You made it! I bet there were times when you thought that you’d never get there. You’ve studied, passed exams, graduated and now you have scored your very first job. Congratulations! Don’t let it all go to your head though, it’s really important to know how to make your first post-graduation paycheck count, so … … Continue reading