Should You Take a Job That Requires You to Travel?

businessman and businesswoman using computer at airportAs somebody who is relatively new to her career, I spend a lot of time looking to see what is out there in the job market, even if I don’t plan on making a career move. I think it’s important to stay on top of market trends, see which companies are hiring and for which roles, and remain in-the-know about your chosen field.

One thing that strikes me as interesting is the amount of positions that are posted for long periods of time that require the incumbent to travel. They seem to be posted and then reposted, presumably because it’s more difficult for organizations to fill positions that require travel.

Taking a job that requires travel is not necessarily a bad thing, and in fact, it can afford you a lot of great opportunities. However, your fitness for such a job may depend on several factors.


I wouldn’t mind taking a job that would require me to travel right now, because it would give me the ability to grow in that role and take that opportunity before I have a family.

I don’t currently have children, but I expect that when my fiance and I do start a family, neither of us will be taking jobs that require us to be away from home regularly.

Responsibility can also come in the form of pets, a mortgage, aging parents – anything that would be disrupted by frequent overnight trips.


Because these positions are typically more difficult to fill, they can mean great opportunity for those people who are willing to take them. Whether that increased opportunity means that you’ll be able to get a position you wouldn’t otherwise be qualified for or whether that means that you will be able to learn more and expand in the role, opportunity is a great thing that shouldn’t be passed up.


Travelling for any period of time can be very difficult if you aren’t in optimal health. Being away from home can stress any condition, and if you have medications, routines, or any other medical necessities, travelling as part of your work may become problematic.

Keep in mind that being away from home means being away from your physician, specialist, and other health care providers that you’d normally be familiar with. On top of that, travel can disrupt your sleep schedule and hormone levels.


Whether or not you are interested in travelling for work may come down to location. If you are only travelling to a remote town in Northern Canada and you hate snow and ice, it’s probably not for you. However, if you enjoy travelling and the position requires travel to exotic places or cities that you enjoy or want to check out, it may be a great way to see the world on somebody else’s dime.

Remember, when you are travelling for work, you’re mainly working, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take the weekend off to see the sights of the city you are in.


Typically, those who travel as part of their jobs work longer hours. It’s hard to draw a line between working time and leisure time when you are away for work, because the nature of the trip is, in itself, work.

Usually jobs that require you to travel are also paid more, however, this isn’t always the case. Do a cost benefit analysis if this is the deciding factor between taking or leaving a job that requires travel. At a minimum, you should be paid for your meals out, accommodation, transportation, and a higher salary. The cost of travelling for work should never come out of your own pocket.

Would you take a job that required you to travel on a semi-regular basis? Why or why not?


Should You Take a Job That Requires You to Travel? — 13 Comments

  1. Right now there’s no chance for me to such a job, since my online home business is doing very well. I did travel and work at the same time and it’s not impossible. If a chance came (and the pay was good enough), I’d probably consider this.

  2. I agree with all these considerations. I think the biggest one for me at this point is location. I’m not thrilled about traveling a few hours from home where I don’t see anything new and exciting but I also have to stay in a hotel and not be with my family. But if I were given the opportunity to travel to exotic locales or cities I’ve always wanted to visit, I would love to travel more frequently for work. I find traveling for work is all about attitude, and if you only see it as work it won’t be fun. You have to see it as a paid opportunity for travel and exploration!

    • So true! I have never come across a working/travelling arrangement that would allow me to see exotic locales and cities, but should one ever come up, I’d jump at it.

  3. I think you have thought it all out quite well. If you are to travel, you should take advantage of it thru a job for sure and if you can, do it!! I would have loved to have traveled a lot more when I was not tied down.

  4. I travel for the job I have now honestly it stinks really bad. Usually they set me up to go on train which i hate instead of taking a flight. The accomodations are good like for the hotel but traveling is still very stressful.

    • Travelling, no matter if it’s for pleasure or work, is very stressful. It disrupts a lot. I also hate staying in hotels, even if they are nice, too often.

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