How to Stay Relevant in a Techie World

iStock_000016599332XSmallI’m in my mid twenties, but I find that, as I get older, it becomes harder and harder to keep up with all of the interesting new products coming out, particularly in technology. I grew up in a decade when technology was quickly advancing, but there were barely such thing as cell phones when I was a kid, so I am not as quick to pick up new devices as the kids that grew up in the next decade. It feels like just when I get an iPad figured out, something else pops up that I need to learn, too.

Technology is ever changing and evolving, and helping us do things more easily and with more efficiency. It’s hard to keep up! Especially as we age and having the latest and greatest gadgets takes a back seat in the budget to other responsibilities.

It’s important to be in the know when it comes to technology, because your job prospects may depend on it. Furthermore, there is a good chance that technology can help your day-to-day tasks become more efficient. Who doesn’t want to make things more efficient?

So here are some tips on how to stay relevant:

Watch the Trends Online

I subscribe to an online newspaper that has a “Technology” section. I read that section about once a week to stay on top of the best selling products and the innovations happening in the tech world. Even if I can’t use the devices they are talking about, at least I will know enough to comment on a conversation about the trend.

Even reading about new technologies that I will never, ever have the chance to use and that don’t benefit the general public when they are released, such as medical technologies that physicians and surgeons use, is helpful. It shows you what is out there and what is possible with technology. This can open your mind to it if you aren’t already open-minded about technology.

Try it Out

Instead of nay-saying a particular device, try it out and make sure that you actually don’t like it. Oftentimes, there are a lot of benefits to different types of technology that you may not realize.

So many people refuse to use a particular social media platform, but when they do, are pleasantly surprised by the functionality and marketing potential from it. Technology is the same; you may think there is no use for an iPad (for a myriad of reasons, including that it’s just like a large iPhone, or an e-reader) but you may really enjoy using one if you actually try it out.

Pay Attention to the Little Guys

Just because a particular piece of technology is popular, doesn’t mean it’s the best thing to get the job done.  To the same effect, just because a technology isn’t all that well known doesn’t mean it won’t be immensely useful! Instead of just automatically turning to the more popular tech trends, do your research to find out what else is out there that is just as functional.

Go Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Don’t you hate it when your favorite website changes it’s layout, and you have to get used to a whole new navigation system? It’s like driving a new car for the first time; it’s disorienting and hard to adjust to.  That’s because the old way of doing things is comfortable, and lots of times, that means it’s also more efficient for you to use it.

Instead of quickly going back to your comfort zone when there is an alternative, put some time aside to explore the new thing. You will adjust to it, too, and it will help you stay current.

How do you ensure that you are on top of technological trends?


How to Stay Relevant in a Techie World — 10 Comments

  1. I am so slow to keep up with trends. First, I like the old gadgets and am hesitant to upgrade. Secondly, I hate spending money. I had an old flip phone for the longest time!

  2. If I want to stay up to date I just ask my son or younger brother since they always know whats new and improved as they say. I really don’t bother unless its something I really need. Seeing the new toys come and go I know most of the time its not something I need but would just want if I see it.

  3. My guitar students keep me up to date and I actually get to see how to use all kinds of devices right up close during lessons. And get paid to do it!!! Blogging has been a huge help in staying current and learning about tech too. I am no master or wizard by any tech standard, but I do feel as if I am no longer a total Luddite. And yes, I do see how my future earning potential may rest on my tech know how. An excellent point, Daisy!!!

  4. I use Flipboard on my phone and iPad and subscribe to the technology and science areas just for this reason. I can now stay up-close and personal with all the changes happening in tech and science. There’s a bonus, too: it’s fun to stay up on these topics!

  5. Yeah, you need to keep an eye on the trends online to be relevant. It’s also healthy to know that these trends and changes happen fast. One day you have the latest tablet, the next 6 months, it’s already outdated. You need to adapt fast but remember that it can be expensive..

  6. I wish I could afford to try out all of the new technology, but I make do by borrowing all of my friends’ little gadgets. I’ve been growing up with all of this crazy technology anyways, so it’s been easy to keep up lately, I just hope that technology doesn’t bypass my know-how.

  7. I’m not that old but sometimes I feel ancient with all the new tech gadgets and platforms. I don’t spend money on the latest gadgets, but I do have a friend who constantly upgrades to the latest ones…so he is my go to expert.

  8. I’m in my mid twentys too and I’m pretty much done keeping up with the latest and greatest. I’m content to stay a generation or two behind. Much easier that way, and much cheaper 🙂

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