Children’s Music on a Budget

Child with violin

If you are like most parents, you want to raise your children well – to develop their mental and physical aspects completely. Most people know that music education helps grow children’s brains. According to the site Children’s Music Workshop, there are many benefits to music education including the below: Early training develops language and reasoning areas of … … Continue reading

Make Life Better For Yourself: Reduce Your Stress

Hanging by a thread

Medical experts have been telling us for decades that stress is dangerous to our health. Maybe your doctor has already advised you to lower your stress levels; I know mine has. Even if stress isn’t yet endangering your general health, it will certainly be having an impact on your life. You can make your life … … Continue reading

Do You Have an Income Problem? Or a Cash Flow Problem?


I think about cash flow. A lot. As a freelance writer married to an adjunct professor, my household income is sometimes a little unpredictable. In many cases, it’s not about how much we have coming in; it’s more about when the money arrives and leaves. As I contemplate the coming summer, and the dwindling of my husband’s … … Continue reading