5 Things to Cut Back On to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint


Global warming is out in full force, and it’s hard not to recognize that it’s there. Our planet is being hugely affected by the population’s carelessness, pollution, and usage of harmful materials that go back into the environment. Most of us want to do right by the planet and decrease our environmental footprint where possible, but … … Continue reading

4 Reasons Why Traveling Alone Rocks


John Steinbeck, the famous American author once said “people don’t take trips, trips take people.” Traveling alone is a wonderful experience that can have lasting benefits. Some of the world’s most breathtaking locations have been discovered by solo travelers. The joys of traveling alone far exceed anything you’ll ever experience while traveling with others. Holidays … … Continue reading

The Green Option That Saves You Money: Paper Magazines vs Digital

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The digital age has reached, and is impacting and changing, one of mankind’s most popular past times – reading magazines. There has always been a plethora of magazine titles to choose from, whatever your age, interests and politics. With the advent of laptop computers, smart phones, tablets and ereaders, the paper and ink versions of … … Continue reading

6 Ways Regular Exercise Can Improve Your Life

Young Family Riding Bikes In Park

We all know that exercise is good for us. It’s part of a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise can do more for you than just help you enjoy better health and help you maintain your desired weight. Here are 6 other ways that exercise can improve your life: 1. More Energy How many times have you watched children running … … Continue reading